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Member Since 21 Mar 2012
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Gluten Free Carbs Hindering Recovery

17 February 2013 - 01:07 AM

Hello everyone. I would like to state that after almost a year gluten-free, DF, I still was not healing and feeling more fatigued than ever. I have been doing research and I will post some information specifically when I remember where I saved it. (Foggy Brain) That said, (for me) I am finding that all starch carbohydrates as in, breads, pastas, snacks, anything of that type are hindering (MY) recovery. It seems that the bad bacteria in the gut are kept very happy when given any of these types of foods even though they are gluten free.

The research and my experience tells me that following a mostly Paleo diet and gluten free I am just beginning to see a difference after all this time. I am hopeful that once I have healed I might be able to introduce a bit of these foods into my diet, of course time will tell. Finding the right supplements was crucial as was recommended to me by senior members. I don't know if this will help anyone, but I felt I should throw it out there. Finding this out I think is going to truly save my life. Best of luck, well wishes and feel better soon.

Best wishes and feel better soon everyone.

Balance And Falling

20 April 2012 - 05:58 AM

Hi Everyone....

Was wondering if anyone knew about this issue since I have been reading that many people with celiac disease seem to have this issue in common. I have been teased (lovingly) thank goodness for many years by my girls about being clumsy and tripping, falling, etc. One daughter even asked once if it was genetic and at the time I found it to be hilarious! :blink:

After yesterday, falling off a bicycle (again) and riding a bike has been a passion since I was young. I used to ride 25 miles a day for quite some time. This fall was really a disappointment because it's one of several over a couple of years that's made me realize it's not stopping. Not going away this tendency... and must be part of this whole celiac disease picture... I just hadn't put all the pieces together until now. :huh:

... SO, my question is, now that I'm gluten-free only since March, and healing and doing much better, do I dare hope that my balance issues will go away???? Does anyone have experience with this???? I also have balance issues just standing and sometimes with just doing regular things. Walking I'm fine just seems to be if I'm trying to do something and it involves using one foot or leaning. Of course, the bike riding seems ok for a bit while straight on a path but any deviation I'm over like a trike on "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In" (Ugh) :lol: My depth perception isn't so hot either and doesn't help the situation but isn't the main issue. Input and advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you! :D

Afraid To Eat

27 March 2012 - 12:27 PM

Hi... I've been following strict gluten-free diet and no dairy, no soy (as per kindly suggested by community). The suggestions I have received have been very helpful. I find myself feeling afraid to eat anything outside of the coconut milk, and I add fruit (which I freeze) and blend into shakes. That is a mainstay meal. I tried a sweet potato and became very itchy so I will eliminate that for now. Going to try to saute some lean natural chicken and fresh spinach. I am just so afraid to try even the gluten free rice. The week that I have been successful with no gluten has been great with the exception of those sensitive breakthrough things I wasn't aware of and have now eliminated so I read one person recommended no eggs, but another said eggs were okay. I don't eat any bread, dairy, soy, losing a lot of weight but I don't mind just getting scared not sure what to eat. Please help. Getting lost again. :(


22 March 2012 - 06:33 PM

Hi... Newly found to be Celiac probably since very young age. Was on thyroid meds at 10. Allergy to multivitamin at 10 (hives)... severe allergies. Gluten being one. Dr.'s. thought text book case, couldn't figure it out. Finally severe reaction to food very recent (3 weeks ago) diagnosis made. Now it's very clear minute amounts of gluten are triggering major reactions. Being very cautious. Reading every label. Had salad tonight, just chicken plain broiled, only added small amt. shredded cheese, gluten free dressing. Had coffee, small amt. half and half. Thought all was fine. Having severe itching even with Benedryl. (dye free) Cutting out cheese and cream next. I will now stick to pure soy powder, soy milk, frozen fruit shakes 2 x a day and fresh veggies/fruit and nuts, chicken or fish and gluten free rice. Have gluten-free vitamins, medication list and a few resources. Taking Prilosec for small intestine discomfort, have had severe migraines since 1998 and take Topomax and have Imitrex or Relpax prn. Getting blood work done next week. Very weak due to the longevity of this illness and not knowing until now. Hoping diet, rest, vitamins will get energy back soon. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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