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Lots Of Labwork No Clue Where To Start.

28 March 2012 - 03:25 PM

Hello, I am really new to all of this and some of this may have been asked before. But I recently requested copies of all my lab work from a physician I used to see and found out I was tested for several things I was not told about the results. They were looking for gut parasites normally associated with ankylosing spondylitis which I was diagnosed with 3 years ago. I suppose these tests went along with that. I am wondering what anyone might know about these results and if they can suggest the best type of specialist I should follow up with. I am guessing a GI doc? So here it is . .

Casein/Cow Milk (f78)IGG - - -9.6 mcg/ml when they indicate the norm is less than 2.0
Food ICC Whole Egg - - - - - -6.2 mcg/ml when they indicate the norm is less than 2.0
HLA Typing for Celiac:
-DQB1 201
-DQB1 302
-DQ2 Positive
-DQ8 Positive
-DQA1 3
-DQA1 5
Not sure why some of these were listed twice I am just copying straight from the report but it does indicated that A1*5 and B1*201 correlate to DQ2 and A1*3 and B1*302 correlate to DQ8)

Lots of other tests were done but I don't know if they are relevant, should I be looking to see if I had something else done?

Thanks for any help

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