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Member Since 03 Apr 2012
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#785056 Are All Gastro Dr's Inept?

Posted by on 03 April 2012 - 01:47 PM

Your not over reacting at all!!! Here where I live in Ontario Canada I was having really bad symptoms for the last two months (14 yrs total very sporadically) and it landed me in emerg three times. I went to emerg with the excrutiating pain and blood in stool along with a chest pain and side and back pain...the only thing that worked was IV morphine, well the last time I was told I was lying about the blood in my stool (not sure why I would do that?!?) and to go home and deal with it...then I was diagnosed, now with kidney problems, its all on the celiac, never mind that my urine contains buckets of white sediment (reminiscent of CLR through my coffee maker) and they refuse to do an ultrasound. 3 different docs all refused to do the ultrasound! Still having the pain, and will eventually find a doc that cares....Had the scope and colonoscopy and blood test that confirmed after years of being told its "stress" too. Anti anxiety meds (that I used only for sleeping pills) are now gone since they don't do anything anyways. I havn't been on the diet long enough to notice a difference, in fact I have new worrying symptoms, but hoping they too will fade. In general docs here HATE it when you google stuff, but we must stay informed, and although its not all true, alot of good can come of it. I will always Google stuff...I have a medically fragile child, and have done alot of research on his behalf.
Stick with your gut, and do what it takes, we will win this!!!!!!!!
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