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Topics I've Started

Possible Hyperthyroid?

30 July 2012 - 02:41 PM

Quote from:
"Symptoms of Graves disease are those of hyperthyroidism and may include anxiety, restlessness, irritability, emotional instability, inability to concentrate, fatigue, muscle weakness or cramps, heat intolerance, and increased sweating. Periodic paralysis with low potassium may occur in men with hyperthyroidism who are of Asian, Filipino, or Native American ethnic backgrounds. Cardiac symptoms can include palpitations with a fast or forceful heart beat, shortness of breath, atrial fibrillation, or angina. Patients may also have a tremor, eye stare, and changes in hair. Osteoporosis can occur if hyperthyroidism becomes chronic and is left untreated. Women experience menstrual irregularities. Bowel movements may become more frequent."

when I look at this paragraph it virtually describes my current and previous symptoms. I have been gluten free since march and feel extremely better. my constant anxiety and worry have abated to about 25% from a over 150%. I was a nervous wreck.
my symptoms: Anxiety- still present and intrusive; Irritability- frequent; emotional instability- definately, ask my wife!; concentration- i can barely get interested in anything anymore; fatigue & weakness- after minimal exhertion i sweat a lot and feel really weak; heat intolerance- I am always wearing sweaters in the summer and being hot when everyone is cold. my internal thermostat is wacky; Sweating- yes, at odd times; weight loss- about 15 lbs in a month; heart- skips a beat, beats fast, etc;

My question is: all of these symptoms are on the list for celiac. It has been 5 months and I have seen dramatic improvement in my well being. Could I just be still in healing mode from celiac and that is why I still have these symptoms? has anyone else gone through celiac only to find out that hyperthyroidism is a complication?

I have a doctors appointment next month with a ear nose & throat specialist to review my situation. Any advice on how to approach them with this so they don't think i am a hypochondriac? Its kaiser so they don't seem to want to get too deep into a conversation or diagnostic routine. any help would be appreciated.


Frustrating Experiece With Waffling Doctors

30 May 2012 - 08:02 AM

Ok, just need to vent. I am currently with Kaiser and I my history of this diagnosis is as follows:
1. Primary doc orders TTG test, comes back positive. She told me it is possible celiac, tells me to avoid gluten and refers me to GI department.
2. GI doc calls me for 5 minute phone call and orders a endoscopy.
3. Different GI doc performs endoscopy, tells me she suspects she wont find anything
4. First GI doc calls me to tell me they did not find "Classic finding of celiac" on biopsy.
5. I get the report myself, and it states that they found "focal partial villous blunting, the significance of which is unknown"
6. After a strongly worder email, first GI doc then says I maybe could have a "mild" form of celiac, refers me to dietician.
7. First dietician calls me, luckily she has Celiac so is really knowledgeable. Sets up appointment for a different dietitican.
8. Second dietician is clueless and refers me to a pamphlet she got at a celiac conference last year. otherwise she has nothing valuable to tell me.
9. First dietician calls me again, says, "oh, i dont think you have celiac. Wait. let me look at your test results. oh, maybe you do have it. either way you should have your primary doctor put in your chart gluten intolerance" so that if I am hospitalized, they wont try to feed me wheat.

Between the 5 different medical professionals, all i get is wishy washy, maybe yes maybe not answers. None of them has taken any time to actually listen to me and see the whole picture of my symptoms and now succesful early recovery on a gluten free diet. If one of them actually had more than 5 minutes to spend with me they could put it all together like i have. Positive TTG, Biopsy findings, Elevated liver tests, low Vitamin D test, chronic diarhea, gas, heartburn, canker sores, brain fog, anxiety, depression, peripheral neuropathy, etc... and now 6 weeks gluten free and i am starting to feel like my old self again.
I am just frustrated!!

At My Wits End...

03 May 2012 - 07:26 AM

Hi everyone,
I woke up this morning with a terrible stomachache and wanted to cry. I still want to cry. I just don't know anymore what is going on. I was given a diagnosis of celiac after a positive blood test and positive biopsy a few days ago. I have been on a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks.
I just don't know if this is the answer for my troubles. I have extremely high & chronic anxiety that takes over my whole life and it is hard to see clearly what is going on. I hope with all my might that the reason I feel this way is the celiac, and not some other horrible disease, tumor, or psychological problem. If I look back and analyze the last few years I start to wonder when it all started. I remember 2 years ago I spilled hot oil onto my hand and the burn mark took more than a year to heal completely. 18 months ago I started having tingling/numb hands, which I went to PT for and helped a little. about a year ago I fell into a major depression and have been unable to get out of it. I have done everything in my power to fight my depression. I am seeing a therapist, on antidepressants, and have been working on all the social and relationship issues I can possibly think of, and yet I still wake up with symptoms of anxiety that I can say are similar to the celiac symptoms. nausea, aches, gas, flatulance, etc.
I am just so scared and overwhelmed. I am putting myself through hell and right now I can't tell if anything is making a difference. I don't know how to find all the hidden gluten. Have I been missing some all along and my diet has done nothing to help me heal? How can I find the willpower to focus on my diet? What if I dont improve? Can anyone else relate to my experience and let me know it will be ok? I just need some guidance as I dont really have much contact with the doctors who have diagnosed me.
Just feeling blue...

Biopsy Results

24 April 2012 - 09:38 AM

I saw the results from my biopsy (without talking to the doctor about them...) and it stated that in my duodenum there was "Focal Partial Villous Blunting"
does anyone know what that means specifically?
I had a high result on TTG igA and now the biopsy seems to confirm a diagnosis. I guess I am all but officially diagnosed by a doctor.

Kaiser Permanente Ttg Iga

09 April 2012 - 12:05 PM

A few weeks ago I had blood tests done as part of a regular check-up. I have been feeling many symptoms similar to the common celiac symptoms but had attributed it to anxiety/depression, somatic effects on my digestion. My doc first labelled it as IBS but the blood test came back positive.
My Question is:
Typical TTG igA tests seem to use a result of 4.0 to 20.0+ as a range. The test I received from Kaiser only gave me a normal as less than 0.9, and my test came back 1.65.
Does anyone have experience with Kaiser's TTG test and how to understand the results? If i do the math my result is 85% higher than the normal range. I have started a gluten-free diet and will have a biopsy done next week to find out more.

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