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Member Since 08 Apr 2012
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06 June 2012 - 09:01 AM


I was given the blood panel for celiac and one of the test came back "mildly positive" and had an endoscopy and it came back negative (everything looked fine). but i wanted to post an update on myself since going off of gluten thinking maybe it could help someone else. before having the blood test i had all of these seemingly unrelated symptoms. once i had the endoscopy i immediately went off gluten (my dr. told me to try gluten free for 3 months and see how i do)

after about a month of being strictly gluten free (and seeing a clear up of almost all of my symptoms) i decided to eat four bites (FOUR BITES) of my sons cereal. i thought "oh gee, technically i wasn't diagnosed with celiac so what's a few bites of cereal gonna do..."

oh wow was i wrong! i got so sick for three days. it was so awful. i new instantly that i should never be eating gluten again.

and then the other night i accidentally ate something that i thought was gluten-free but it turns out it was not - same thing - so very violently ill. so i know absolutely that the first time was not a fluke. i am literally in awe that now when i ingest gluten that it is this bad. before when i was consuming gluten on daily basis with no care in the world, it was never like this.

so i guess i just wanted to say that even if your dr. says that you don't have celiac but you respond to the diet - please listen to your body!

Just Tested

08 April 2012 - 07:36 PM

hi everyone. i am new to all of this and looking for a little advice. i was tested for celiac, my dr. said it was a three panel test and two were negative but one was mildly positive. she said it was a 21 and negative is 19 and below. i've been searching the forum for others experiences with having tests come back as mildly positive or weakly positive. most seem to know the names of the tests (igg iga etc) but i didn't think to ask her. so she said that while she doesn't think i have celiac disease she wants me to get the biopsy done because of my very consistent low vitamin d levels (i'm on and off of very high doses to keep it up)

so it seems a little extreme to go through the biopsy for a weak positive. i'd be interested to hear other more experienced peoples opinions on if i should bother with the biopsy or maybe just try going gluten free for a little while? i'm pretty confused.

thanks in advance!

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