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Afraid Things Getting Worse

27 September 2013 - 12:41 PM

Well, I've been gluten-free since May 2013 now.  I thought I was getting better.  Basically, yeast infections slowed down, migraines gone.  Get a headache once in a while, but nothing an aspirin can't fix.  Ankle swelling, tingling and cramps gone, anxiety down, as well as a load of other horrible problems.  Oh, and dropped like 30 pounds sitting on my butt eating chips LOL.  


About 6 weeks ago things started to take a turn.  Normally if I accidentally ingest gluten, which I do sometimes because I still don't think about things on accident or whatever the case may be, all symptoms back - headache, the runs, cramps, anxiety, irritable, swollen abdomen, for about 10 days and back to normal.  Well, I started having a stomach ache, then a little burning, some nausea.  My skins was itching like crazy around my belly button and I started getting some "sore" spots.  The inside of the right knee is sooo sore I can barely touch it.  Well, after 2 weeks, it got really bad.  My abdomen blew up pre-diagnosis size - looks like having twins - so swollen - my lymph nodes were swollen to size of marbles and pinching the heck out of me every time I moved.  I cried it hurt so bad finally and hubby made me go to ER.  They were a big disappointment.  Ran tests and sent me home and told me to take tylenol.  Looked at me like I was crazy when giving my symptoms and kept asking when I went to the bathroom last.  It was horrible.  I seen my gyno the next day for the yeast which I had back since this all blew up.  She couldn't find my ovaries I was so swollen.  She touched my chest and I about screamed, which I did earlier this year at the Dr. office, too, in about June or so.  (I went for chest pain).  She, my gyno, also has Celiac and referred me to a rheumatologist. 


I had to wait 4 weeks to get in to see the rheumatologist and my GI.  Got both appts. on the same day, which I had yesterday.  I am still a bit swollen since the ER visit and my nodules or nodes are still swollen, but about pea sizes, but still hurt and pinch (6 weeks later).  I have to couch it.  If I do too much, I'm down with pain there.  Rheumatologist didn't know much about Celiac except that it is a bowel disease, so I had to explain the wide array of symptoms associated and I don't know if he believed me.  He did touch me all over and it was sooo painful.  My back, chest, thighs, shoulders, legs, everywhere hurts sooo bad that you can't even touch me.  It was horrible.  He beat me up just pressing on me.  He rubbed over one nodule in my belly still and it was super sore I could have cried, just like the pain I felt when he just only pressed on my thigh.  He said he was running an inflammation test and Lupus test, but didn't expect I have that, but wanted to see what they show anyway.  I can't even cross my ankles because my leg hurts the other one!  


Left and went to GI.  He didn't exam me much, Small, belly rub and said he was doing blood work - my Celiac panel and inflammation again - I believe - and scheduled me for a small bowel follow-through, I think it is called - which I have Monday.


So far I only have my Sed Rate test back.  Before gluten-free last year, my Sed Rate was 25.  Yesterday My Sed Rates were 31 in the morning at the rheumatologist office and 29 in the afternoon at the GI clinic.


It's been a long time since I post here or had time to post here.  Couching it today.  I'm just so sore and so tired of hurting.  It's been 6 weeks. I don't know what's going on.  I just know it hurts and I just can't take it anymore.  It's been a real painful long month and a half.  Aww, and today's our anniversary and I can't even barely move.  Just needed to tell someone and vent a bit.  Neither Dr. has called.  I read test results so far online.  Anyone have anything similar?  I'm afraid I thought I found my problem, Celiac, and a cure, gluten-free diet, and now it's just getting worse because, of course, that can't be all that's wrong with me - again.  :(

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