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In Topic: Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

21 April 2012 - 01:41 PM

Until now, my posts were all approved by moderators before final submission because I'm a new member. THEY WERE ALL APPROVED!

I've been suddenly moderated for what was deemed offensive racial remarks, when I was clearly talking about dietary rules. I can't mention any specifics here, as per the board rules... can't say anything negative about anyone that supports toxic diets. Ironic, I think.

We are not allowed to raise awareness of certain toxic diets, and critique those diets? Or, discuss the rationality (irrationality) behind whomever created the diets? Even in a logical manner? I gave logical explanations, but those comments were also removed. And I can't offer a specific explanation now either. I'm keeping what I say within the guidelines here.

A toxic substance is toxic to anyone that eats it, no matter whom they might be or if it affects them or not. Gluten is toxic. Why can't we specifically point out which diets are wrong to have it?

THANK YOU so very much to everyone that offered me a more positive insight to how I should approach dealing with my problems, and all the dietary supplements I should try, bloodwork, etc... but my personal line has been crossed; If I can't critique, I can no longer comment. It's over. I won't bother to ask for any more help here.

This is my final post, but I'll leave for a week and then return next Sunday to ask the moderators to delete the entire thread, and close my account. Those who've followed it will, hopefully, understand what it was and why I am now personally offended. If I can't fully speak my mind about food, especially a specific diet that claims gluten is healthy, then this is definitely not the palce for me to seek help. It has become a toxic environment for me.

Now, maybe some of you can see why I get so angry. Thanks for sending me away more furious than I was before I came here to seek a little help.


In Topic: Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

20 April 2012 - 06:52 AM

No, what you need are chelates. Sublinguals are the latest way to extract money from gullible consumers. Very few things are actually absorbed sublingually. You pay extra, swallow the supplement, and absorb it through your digestive tract as usual.

Hmm, from advice I'd gotten elsewhere they talked like sublingual was a bit better for me than the chelated kind, but that I should definitely try taking both kinds. What about isotonic supplements? I had a calcium/magnesium mix of that stuff... is just all hype as well? Either case, I'll try switching over to chelated stuff for a while. Thanks for reminding me of methylfolate again, I almost did overlook it.. oops.

I know that cyanocobalamin is not actively toxic - until the body breaks off that part of molecule into it's plain toxic form, then the body recognizes it as toxic, then must use energy to expell it. I know it's practically a negligible amount so *maybe* I could come to terms with voluntarily ingesting poison... for the greater good lol. Telling someone it's ok to take poison does seem a bit oxymoronic, especially for someone with GI disorder(s).

I hate to mention yet another thing but.... this "fight-or-flight" response can be associated with unintegrated primitive reflexes; specifically, the Moro Reflex. This is the reflex that causes babies to abruptly open their arms if they sense they are being dropped/danger. It is a precursor to a much more complex danger/fear reflex that allows us to distinguish the danger (or not) before we react.

Ahh so that's what that reflex is called! Maybe it only half integrated in me, I don't feel all too panicked all the time, but more like hypertensive or on edge... ready for action. It's why I instinctively always want to sit facing doors or windows because I've got to be ready for when THEY come to get us... "THEY who?" you might ask? Anyone out to do us harm; plenty of schizo-psycho people out there, wacked out on drugs; I've been around. And I've let my guard down before and learned my lesson. Not to mention, the motto "always be prepared" from my time in Scouts is permanently etched into my being. But you'll be glad to know that I no longer carry concealed weapons... I plan to 'Jackie Chan' my way out of any dangerous incidents in the future.

<<offensive material deleted by moderator>> I wish for them all to eat healthy, and if that means killing the wheat strain or outlawing it, so be it. Maybe in the distant future after peak oil has come and gone, and the world's population falls back down to it's normal baseline, some real changes could be made. Until then, we're refugees with no place to go.. Adapt and survive the best we can in a super toxic world. Good luck to all!

In Topic: Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

19 April 2012 - 08:49 AM

When I was typing out the list of supplements I take, I did notice how there was a lack of trace minerals and stuff like zinc, copper, etc. I used to take multi-vitamins that supplied it all, but stopped doing it because I couldn't find any without the cyanide-B12. I'll put it on my list to find something for my next order at Vitacost that will give me the right stuff... I'd been hoping to get the rest of what I needed from my regular habit of juicing. I suppose I do need more sublinguals to avoid GI malabsorption.

Gluten eating people (mainly their clothing) and their kitchens / dining rooms are indeed contaminated with gluten; and I've heard stories of super-sensitive celiacs reacting to simply walking into a place that regularly uses wheat/gluten. Bad advice to say otherwise that these people and places are not harmful. 100% free is extreme, unless it's still ok to breathe it in? Which doesn't make sense to me.

No more talk about beer, please... it's not a major concern for me, it was just one of the things I miss.... and it's one thing that I should avoid for other reasons... liver health... and stuff.

<<offensive material deleted by moderator>>

I have noticed that some medications or herbal remedies, taken orally, have had the opposite effects on me. I can't remember where I heard this, but the only medicine we need is really just healthy food. I still need work on my diet, but I believe that many ailments can be solved in the long run with diet alone. And for the ones that can't be helped with just healthy eating, then, I strongly believe that's where a "survival of the fittest" ideology comes into play... or to put it another way, it's all genetic and there's nothing much more that can be done except to make sure I don't reproduce offspring... If I'm genetically predisposed to get sick all the time, then I'm certainly not passing it on to an innocent child.

I'll see what I can do in respect to getting some more bloodwork done.

A therapist I once visited, for meditation/massage/accupressure/etc. said that she could tell my adrenal glands were always overworked and that it's like my body is stuck in a fight-or-flight response. She figured it might have started from an early childhood trauma I received, which was a correct assumption. It's funny how one physiological disorder can cause other problems to manifest. I feel so broken sometimes, yet from an outward appearance I usually seem to be fine and others are relentless at expecting way too much of me.

It never helps to be compared to someone else with similar, or worse, disorders and then be expected to feel/act/perform just as good or better. I'm not them. I don't share the same goals and aspirations. What I want to do with my life is not the same. Apples and oranges. But, yeah, my family says they understand then come back at me with hostility because I'm not meeting their expectations. It was their gamble to raise me, they lost, so no need to make me feel like the loser. I need to make my own way... somehow... some day.. and I'll have to do it without their consent or approval. I'm not a part of them, I'm way too different. Oh crap I'm rambling again, sorry!

In Topic: Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

18 April 2012 - 08:15 AM

Well, then, you are not gluten free. You can't do that. The minute you put gluten back in, you're not gluten free.

I know... it's like throwing gasoline on a fire. I'm sure very few people can claim to be 100% gluten-free. Any time you leave the sanctity of your gluten-free 'bubble', into a world where it floats around almost as much as the common mold spore, you're not gluten free either. I know, that makes us all mad. But what can we do? Literally live in a bubble? The house here should be almost 99% free of it, the utensils/pots/pans/etc. are washed thoroughly and kept from cross contamination, as are the foods I regularly eat. Yeah I slip up and do bad from time to time when I know I could have done more to avoid it, but those instances are becoming fewer and farther between.

I honestly can't tell much difference between getting trace amounts and

Many of us TOLD you, your sleep is messed up from gluten. It's a neurotoxin. To help with your sleep issues, NO GLUTEN.

There's a myriad of other factors that possibly contribute to my lack of sleep, but I'll try harder to avoid even the trace amounts that I can't see.

To help with the serious raging anger you have? That's not our place ---and that is not what this forum is about.

I posted this in the "gluten intolerance and behavior" forum. Raging anger is behavior, and I'm having it because I hate avoiding gluten because I have at least an intolerance to it. I'm totally in the right place!

Here is what I know: we cannot control all the things that happen to us, we can only control the way we RESPOND to it.

Awesome advice. It reminds me of a quote from a movie called 'Revolver' that says something like, "if you change the rules on what controls you, you change the rules on what you can control". I'm very guilty of letting too many things get to me and affect the way I feel, and my responses are wild sometimes. I'm way too passionate about things. I need to step back, breathe, and just try to accept the things I cannot change and pray for the ability to change the things I can (Serenity prayer, another incarnation of the same advice :) ).

But we ARE also telling you, some of that anger might very well diminish if you got rid of the gluten 100%.

I hope it does, but I still feel like my psychological desire to have what I can't have is more powerful; also, if I want to be crazy-serious about it, that would mean no more visits to my Grandparent's house. It's terrible having to tell them I'm not going to visit them anymore because their house is poison to me. And I'm sure they're covered in gluten almost all the time, so that'd mean no visits FROM them too. No hugs either. And other family/friends? Well, that living in a bubble scenario is starting to make more sense.

If you have unDXed Celiac, rather than just an intolerance, it's enough to keep your immune system whacked out like it's on crack? :blink: If I get even a trace of gluten..I know I won't be sleeping for a while! :o I get completely wired...and that's just from trace that I can't even see.

That kinda freaks me out, but yeah my immune system has been total crap since early childhood. I'm much better now with the diet I try to adhere to... maybe I need to take it to extreme levels and shut myself off from the outside gluten-filled world... I always feel a bit wired too. Ok, very wired. A doctor once thought I was on crack or meth because my blood pressure and heart rate were very high even though I was baseline calm... and now knowing that gluten does affect the body that way, it's definitely a factor. I'm a skinny guy with a high rate of metabolism, so I'm naturally wired up too. It's gonna be a long journey to figure this out, but once I've tackled the problem, another one will rear its ugly head to ruin me; it always does; but I don't want to get into all the other problems I've had in the past. Trading one illness for another, and another...

In Topic: Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

17 April 2012 - 12:10 PM

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I did go to see a specialist about 15 or 20 years ago to help find out why I couldn't sleep. All I remember from it was that they put electrodes all over my head and had me to lay down in an extremely uncomfortable bed and told me to go to sleep and they'd see what was wrong... insane, right? My problem was that I couldn't go to sleep and they wanted me to sleep on demand to see what the machine would tell them about my brainwaves.

Well, I was kid and totally at the mercy of my parents/doctors to help me out, as I couldn't do anything on my own. No more help was given to me, and I've spent most of my life deprived of sleep.

In fact, I calculated that I've experienced an extra 10+ years of consciousness (wakefulness) due to the hours I've missed every night of my life. I've barely managed to get just enough rest to keep me alive... and during the small amounts of time that I do sleep, I'm dreaming almost the entire time... so that's like being awake in my sleep too.

I can't afford to pay for sleep clinics and multitudes of tests, and whatever.. Don't think it'd really matter now, though. I didn't get the help when I needed it so many years ago... My brain's hardwired into the person I've become now, it's too late to change it.. Who knows what kind of nice person I could have become...

I really don't care about much anymore except just trying to rest and recover from a lifetime of sleep-deprived agony. I just want to sleep. I don't want to work (well, yes I do, but only if I can sleep when I need sleep). I want to sleep. I need to sleep.

I don't need demanding schedules of work, and worrying about bills, etc.. I need to sleep first. THEN, maybe, I can go and be a productive person. But I can't sleep. Can't hold a job for very long until it almost kills me. Can't pay for the help I need. I'm homeless but not houseless. I'm a failure, and I've accepted it.

Just trying to make the best of a conundrum I'm in.... til the day I die. I've often thought of doing something so I can be sent to prison, and violently earn myself some quality solitary confinement... Get away from the stress of knowing I have to get a job to support myself, but to do that I need, sleep, to get a job.. I have to sleep... maybe without all the stress and being in solitary I could just concentrate on nothing else but relaxation. Total relaxation. Never having to worry about where my next meal comes from, or anything. Just time to rest and not be bothered by anyone.

I can't just throw what little money I have left from my last job into sleep therapies... if one doesn't work, I'll have nothing left to pay for the next alternative, so on and so forth...

I worked my butt off through school and college to now be homeless, sleepless, and insane. I dunno. More bad thoughts creeping in. Money money money... work work work... bills bills bills... I gotta do something, how do I function? Catch 22's and rocks and hard places galore.

School was fairly easy to get through, and all the time I missed wasn't a big factor because in school the work can be made up and handed in late for a decent grade. In the real world, you miss work, you miss out on earning money. That money's gone. Miss a bill, or whatever payment, and things are taken from you. Tragic.

I don't want everything just handed to me, I just need to un-screw myself so I can function as an independent individual. Without poisonous meds. I dunno.

I'm just supplying more info about myself here; no need to help with my sleep issues.

Let's just concentrate on the diet... at least for now. One thing at a time.

Sorry again for such a long post, but I want to be as detailed as I can possibly be.

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