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Member Since 16 Apr 2012
Offline Last Active Apr 23 2012 12:34 PM

#789650 Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

Posted by on 21 April 2012 - 01:41 PM

Until now, my posts were all approved by moderators before final submission because I'm a new member. THEY WERE ALL APPROVED!

I've been suddenly moderated for what was deemed offensive racial remarks, when I was clearly talking about dietary rules. I can't mention any specifics here, as per the board rules... can't say anything negative about anyone that supports toxic diets. Ironic, I think.

We are not allowed to raise awareness of certain toxic diets, and critique those diets? Or, discuss the rationality (irrationality) behind whomever created the diets? Even in a logical manner? I gave logical explanations, but those comments were also removed. And I can't offer a specific explanation now either. I'm keeping what I say within the guidelines here.

A toxic substance is toxic to anyone that eats it, no matter whom they might be or if it affects them or not. Gluten is toxic. Why can't we specifically point out which diets are wrong to have it?

THANK YOU so very much to everyone that offered me a more positive insight to how I should approach dealing with my problems, and all the dietary supplements I should try, bloodwork, etc... but my personal line has been crossed; If I can't critique, I can no longer comment. It's over. I won't bother to ask for any more help here.

This is my final post, but I'll leave for a week and then return next Sunday to ask the moderators to delete the entire thread, and close my account. Those who've followed it will, hopefully, understand what it was and why I am now personally offended. If I can't fully speak my mind about food, especially a specific diet that claims gluten is healthy, then this is definitely not the palce for me to seek help. It has become a toxic environment for me.

Now, maybe some of you can see why I get so angry. Thanks for sending me away more furious than I was before I came here to seek a little help.

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#788128 Nowhere Left To Go But Insane

Posted by on 16 April 2012 - 12:25 PM

I have Crohn's and found out by my own trial and error that I have a sensitivity to gluten. It helps a great deal to stay gluten-free, but it's only one severed head of the hydra that plagues me. I know this is a forum for Celiacs, but it made more sense to post here instead of a Crohn's forum - most Crohnies are ignorant to the fact that gluten is poison and that they'd benefit from avoiding just as I have.

I slept like a baby the first few weeks being gluten-free, then after that it was back to the same tossing/turning until my mind could no longer physiologically stay conscious.... by which time it's time to get up and get ready for another day of work without much, if any, sleep. Day after day, week after week until my health deteriorates and I stay constantly sick. No amount of OTC or prescription sleep remedies can knock me out. Not even combined overdoses taken with alcohol. I refuse to do drugs like Lunesta or Ambien, for I am very certain dangerous sleepwalking episodes would occur. In fact, now, I refuse to take any form of industrial chemicals pandered to the public as "medicine"... I don't need any more of my internal organs to fail or become poisoned. It's all natural for me now.

I've been gluten-free for at least 8 months now, and the mood swings are not any better. From time to time, I find myself snapping back at people, flipping the bird, cursing them, etc. I'm becoming increasingly intolerant of gluten-eating people... and society as a whole. <<offensive material deleted by moderator>>

I hate sitting at the same table as the other people while they get to enjoy many of the foods I must stay away from, both gluten-containing and other foods not suitable for Crohn's.

A special Crohn's diet didn't bother me too much, but gluten free has sent me over the edge.

I pray for the day when the rust fungus devastates the entire world's supply of wheat. If I could, I would travel to parts of the globe to collect my own samples to disperse amongst the evil crops of this backwards nation. Hopefully mother nature will be able to handle it without my help, and wipe out this insidious grain to leave room for the healthy ones.

I'm unable to put on blinders and a fake smile like many of you, acting like nothing's wrong and that it'll all be ok. I'm stuck in a prison without bars, looking at how smug people are because they've found a medicine that works.. so then they can continue to work and support themselves without needing to leach onto someone for dependency. I hope those "medicines" erode you all from the inside out. I hope you really do get what you pay for in the end.

Every single time someone, who darn well knows of my diet restrictions, asks me if I want to eat this or that... bla bla bla... I want great harm to come to them. I want to bring them down to my level to make them finally understand.

Or maybe I should tuck tail between legs and run away from the few friends/family I have left? Are they detrimental to my well-being? Do I have to run and hide from everything just so I won't explode on them every time they unknowingly tease me?

I absolutely can not handle being around average people any more. Are there any gluten-free communes or cults I can join? It kills me to despise my own family. They're hypocrites. I don't belong with them. I need to be surrounded by nothing but people akin to me. Understanding. Loving. Supportive. Gluten and poison free.

Where can I go?

I'm going insane.

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