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In Topic: Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

16 April 2012 - 12:32 PM

same problem... my friends and i call it "wheat anger", or "pws" (not pms) post wheat syndrome.

Here's how mine goes like clockwork... I get contaminated food, my stomach burns within 15-30 min then i get super tired, by the next day i barely can get out of bed i have joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, my entire body hurts i get bad sinusitis headaches, my allergies go nuts my brain doesn't seem to function correctly, i have problems concentrating and remembering words i want to say...
as all the goes away and i start to feel better... about 3 days later i have super out of nowhere anger for no reason, everything and everyone pisses me off and i feel like i want to punch things, i don't want people around me, i feel closed in, i have anxiety and am jumpy. I just try to kinda joke it away with my boyfriend, he knows and understands whats up and i try really really hard not to be personally mean to him or anyone else. Then as fast as it comes it disappears 12-24 hours later out of nowhere and i am completely the opposite super happy, goofy and normal again.

I believe it is a total chemical reaction in my brain from the wheat. It is like this every single time i get glutened like clockwork.
I had anxiety all my life, depression, paranoia, i worried all the time, had phobias, and panic attacks. After I took gluten out of my diet ALL of these mental problems disappeared like magic...It was as if I was an entirely new person with less limits and new found mental stability with NO medications ONLY no wheat!

I joined this forum specifically to quote this because it is EXACTLY like me (other than the boyfriend cause I'm a guy lol). I was just staggered how similar it is and how thankful I was to find this.

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