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Kat Kuz

Member Since 16 Apr 2012
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In Topic: Why Can't My Body Handle Long Runs?

15 May 2012 - 03:54 AM

Thanks for the advice but Juice Plus is most definitely gluten free. The video that comes with it talks about how these pills can benefit people with celiac. And, I could feel the difference in just one week of taking them and now its been almost 3 months and feel a lot better. I recommend you start taking them too, big advocate!

I finished my half marathon! Pretty miserable but I finished and will never do it again. My body hated me for a good week. So now I'm just doing shorter runs and now training for the 3 day breast cancer walk. So my body likes me again :)

Thanks again everyone for all the advice.

In Topic: Why Can't My Body Handle Long Runs?

24 April 2012 - 06:02 PM

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I figured it was too early to be pushing my body like I am but I signed up for these runs prior to the celiac diagnosis. My doctor said that going forward with the runs and keeping my active life will not deter from my GI healing but it just may be more challenging than a person with a healthy small intestine. I'm excited to get to where you are with your exercise program and still feel great. Thanks again!

I think that to expect to be able to run long distance or exercise hard after only 3-4 months of being gluten-free is unrealistic. It doesn't matter what vitamin or mineral levels are because it takes the body a long while to fully recuperate to the level where you can stress it and bounce back like a 28 year old should. I know that's hard to fully comprehend but it's what most Celiacs experience.

I went many years before the diagnosis and it took me 5 years into recovery before I could start a really hard exercise program and be able to do the routines. I weight train and do cardio. It will come back but
you have been suffering from malabsorption and that depletes you of storage energy. I can only say eat well but don't deprive yourself of carbs or be afraid to include some processed gluten-free foods. If you exercise and play hard, you'll need the carbs. There may be foods that you find don't agree with you and if so, wait awhile before trying to introduce them again. You will have to be patient and don't over do it but keep at it routinely and slowly, you will regain your ability to recover faster. I'm doing things I could have never done a few years ago so I know you'll get there also. From the sounds of it, you are pretty active already!

One more thing.....Celiacs are often dehydrated and this can really prevent recovery from happening normally.
You know how bad a work-out can be if you aren't hydrated.....that can cause muscle problems, as you stated in your post. It takes awhile for that to correct itself but in the meantime..... keep slugging back the water or Gatorade, although I hate the stuff myself!

Good luck!

In Topic: Why Can't My Body Handle Long Runs?

18 April 2012 - 04:29 PM

Well I have been gluten free and lactose free since the end of january so now I am not eating a lot of processed food. By clean diet, do you have any food or drink suggestions besides just eating Gluten-Free?

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