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Lady Eowyn

Member Since 18 Apr 2012
Offline Last Active Oct 22 2014 07:56 AM

Topics I've Started

Psoriatic Arthritis

13 March 2013 - 08:45 AM


Thought I would ask if anyone out there has any advice on psoriatic arthritis.


It's hubs who gets it. He had psoriasis from age about 11 (I think), not too bad, just on elbows, shins, ankles and backs of knuckles. Had steroid type creams for this (not much good, I believe).


Well the psoriasis went away and was replaced by psoriatic arthritis when he was about 38. It started in one knee which blew up huge  :o and when the hospital finally worked out what it was they operated on it - that knee is now so much worse!

He is now 62 and has joint swelling and pain (to varying degrees) in wrists, ankles, knees and toes and slightly in fingers.

He has taken Indometicin (nsaid) for over 20 years and until about 2 years ago took a disease modifying tablet (can't think of the name at the moment) but a new doc told him it was no good and would damage his liver so he stopped that.

It was obviously not doing much as he hasn't missed it.


He kindly went gluten free with me :rolleyes: and to be honest I wonder if he has celiac too as he is generally improved although he does occasionally have some (very rare). In the past I often noticed his PA was much worse after drinking beer - you can imagine the denial this comment produced over the years :ph34r: !


In the last week or two it has been playing up for the first time since gluten free - any ideas or suggestions for anything that may help?


(Apologies for any spelling mistakes).



Signed In

25 February 2013 - 04:21 AM


I did post in the Forum Upgrade problems section but no one has replied :unsure:  .

Anyway, since upgrade (I think) when I arrive at the forum I am already signed in. I can sign out, go away and come back and I am signed in again.

Is this normal (it wasn't happening before - I have always signed in)?

Have I pressed something different :blink: ?

White Marks On Nails

11 December 2012 - 07:52 AM

Hi there
This has probably been discussed before but does anyone else associate white marks on nails with celiac/is it related?

I have had them for as long as I can remember and although I am aware of the documented causes I find mine often mirror when my DH flares. They vary in how many but both hands, all nails but less on thumbs.
A common reason seems to be zinc deficiency but I have had problems taking it in the past as after a few days it gives me the shakes badly and am pretty sure it makes my hair fall out (have the same problem with Vit C). No effect on white marks.
Also know the 'caused by knocks and damage to nail bed' but it's not that in my case! (Bashing my hands about for 30 odd years :ph34r: - very unlikely)!

Have wondered if it is something to do with calcium. I have started to have some scd 24 hour homemade yoghurt lately (going down ok) and in the last 10 days they have got worse (as has DH). Beginning to think I should have put this in the DH section!!
Calcium is not being absorbed so turning up elsewhere ????? That is not mean't to be a fact - just putting out an idea :P.
The only supplement I take is Vit D.

Got to say it - ( :ph34r: !!!) when I wear nail varnish (very rare as a bit spooky about the chemicals in it), when I remove it the white spots are gone and reappear in about 24 hours :blink: crazy but true!!

Anyone else get these and any idea how to be rid of them?

Got Problems With Sugar Too!

21 November 2012 - 05:00 AM

Hi all
Anyone get probs with sugar and symptoms.

It's not really coming as any suprise to me but I can't have sugar either.
I don't take sugar in drinks, etc - my only weakness is choc :ph34r: which I mainly avoid because of the soy. Have just been reading the soy posts and have to add more symptoms which I suspect are from the sugar.

Rapid heartbeat (got to be from sugar)! followed by chest pain on exercise (angina type but not severe) and sort of laboured breathing - kind of heavy. Add to this a sense of stressiness (new word).

The laboured breathing is while sitting still but worse with exercise.

I do not get these symptoms normally - I have had a bag of Minstrels about an hour ago - supposed to be gluten free but I have a deep suspicion of all 'gluten free' products that are out there generally (as opposed to specifically produced). Can't eat them either, so G knows why I ate the above :ph34r: .

I'm rambling - possibly another symptom ???

Itchy Mouth

13 November 2012 - 04:40 AM

Hi there
Wasn't sure where to put this but just lately, about last week, I have found myself itching roof of mouth with tongue - very itchy. I have had this in the past but had forgotten all about it. Now it's back.
Have been having some chocolate lately (which I can't eat) so although no gluten ingredients, guess I'm getting cc'd.

Battled candida for ten years in the past (thought my celiac was candida :wacko: ) but now I'm wondering.
Not wishing to muddy the waters with another theory but anyone else get this itchy mouth?

(PS. Get itchy inner ears sometimes too but believe this to be associated with thyroid).

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