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Member Since 20 Apr 2012
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Undiagnosed, Feeling Unwell, Not Sure What To Do Next!

31 May 2013 - 10:50 AM


In the last 2 years or so I've come to realize that desserts (with gluten and esp those with gluten and lactose) and some foods (pasta, crackers, etc) have kind of intense reactions with my body, and I've tried to stay away from them.  I haven't been tested, I'm kind of afraid of the cost of it knowing that it's only partially accurate, but some of my symptoms are:


tiredness (serious food coma/crashed on the couch after "white foods" inc pasta, potato, pizza, too much sugar, etc)

increased depression

bloating in stomach and face

scalp psoraisis, thinning hair

stomach cramps/diarrhea (I find that I only get this once I have seriously overdone it on gluten, it seems like I can get away with small amounts without this happening)

unable to lose weight

all-over body aches

enamel damage (the last time I went to the dentist, I had 7 cavities!  I've only had 3 others in my life)


My friend has very strong symptoms of celiac, she vomits whenever she eats even the smallest amount, but my mostly mild symptoms kind of lure me into the thought that it's too expensive and hypochondriac-like to go get tested, or really change my lifestyle if it's not presenting super strong.


I know that the most sensible thing would be to just cut out all gluten.  

Really, I know.  

I often feel like if someone could just walk up to me and say: "You have celiac disease.  You're going to kill yourself if you don't clean up your eating.", I would be able to do it with much more conviction.  And I can play those head games with myself, saying, "Yeah, I probably have it", but honestly I feel like I'm riding on the coattails of people who've actually been diagnosed.  Even though I know it would change my mindset and help me commit, is it weird to tell other people I have celiac when I don't know for sure?




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