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In Topic: Celiac Means No Coffee?

25 April 2012 - 11:44 AM

You ppl are all absolutely hilarious & absolutely correct! Preach on.... :-D

In Topic: New Symptoms

25 April 2012 - 09:34 AM

I know I should follow the diet but it's just SO hard and I don't do well with change AT all. Please help!?

Deb try to remember that your more important then the food you SHOULDN'T be eating! Respect & love yourself & the ones that love you enough to make kind decisions in the matter of food. STOP hurting yourself!
And have a nice day ;-)

In Topic: Waxed Produce

25 April 2012 - 09:20 AM

The FDA are not experts on gluten and never have been. They rate right up there with the medical profession, as far as accuracy goes. I researched it extensively when first gluten free 7 years ago and never found any credible evidence that there is gluten in the wax coatings on veggies and fruit. It is just wax. The other big factor was I am an extremely sensitive, diagnosed Celiac who nearly died from this disease and that is no exaggeration. I go to great lengths to maintain my strict gluten-free status. I also eat enough fruits and veggies on a daily basis to un-constipate an elephant! :P I use the citrus spray and rinse well with cold water and have never had even the tiniest reactions from doing so. If there were any amount of gluten in wax, I would know it. I also have maintained my blood work to stellar levels....almost zero, for quite awhile and this would not be possible if gluten were present.

It's important not to believe everything you read, especially recently, as there seems to be all kinds of crazy articles proclaiming that there is gluten contamination in everything and you'll never heal if you eat gluten-free grains. Nothing is guaranteed in life and CC may occur but the incidence is probably extremely low or most of the Celiac population would never recover. The vast majority of Celiacs do fine on a limited amount of carbs and heal well. You have to research your brands but I have never gone wrong with certified products.

I don't see why not as peeling and washing will clean the produce well, unless a person has a sensitivity to that particular fruit or veggie....which does happen. Food allergies are as huge of a probloem as Celiac is.

The only vinegar you have to worry about is malt vinegar. All other vinegars are safe, unless you have a problem with vinegar in general.

There are many dedicated facilities out there now so I personally would choose those first over a shared facility. Not perfect but it's the best a Celiac can do. I have never reacted to a product from a dedicated facility, even being as sensitive as I am.

There is no need to worry about laundry or dish detergent, unless you ingest them. Seeing as both chores always include a heavy rinse cycle, and I have yet to find a soap product that isn't gluten-free, this is not a worry, unless you have additional skin allergies where you might react to an ingredient in the product. Ditto for bath soap and shampoo but there is nothing wrong with using gluten-free products either. You have to think of your personal habits and the likelihood of ingesting these products. I hate the taste of soap so go to great lengths not to ingest any. But you may want to look into those if you feel it will help your daughter. There are many here who can suggest products to use.

As for flours, go with dedicated facilities and see what happens. There are other reasons for reactions besides gluten so keep that in mind. King Arthur flour makes great mixes and flours blends that are free of the top 8 allergens. They are some of the best I have tried.

Is it possible that your daughter has tripped for another AI disease? That is all too common for us Celiacs, unfortunately.

I do not have any problems with corn so I am no authority on this subject. There are others who might be able to offer more advice.

There is no danger to any Celiac with the consumption of beef or chicken from grain fed animals. It's one of those myths that just won't die. There is also no gluten added to produce, unless you do so at home. Another topic for Myth-Busters, Inc.! :lol:

As for the "best" gluten-free diet.....it's the same as for the general population. Make the majority of your diet from fresh fruits, veggies and lean protein of your choice. Then add a little gluten-free carbs, so you won't be bummed out that you have to eat boring.
Carbs contain B vitamins, which is why they make people so happy and satisfied. They make the brain happy. I eat gluten-free bread in the mornings that my husband makes fresh but for lunch I usually have a big salad with a chunk of lean protein. Snacks are fruit, protein bars, cookies, Terra chips, yoghurt or nuts. I search for new stuff all the time but usually come back to a few standbys. Include enough protein in your diet to keep you satisfied, with the addition of some healthy fats. You might want to look in the recipe section for ideas.

Don't worry...you'll figure this out. Just keep asking questions if you have any. Good luck!

Although I REALLY liked most of what you said I do question your conviction that wax on fruit is ABSOLUTELY gluten-free... Espicially based on a 7 year old investigation (did I get that right) Anyway NOTHING would make me happier (well almost nothing) then if you are correct on this as it is a hudge concern to me & my family. Please tell me why your certain? Also the research that I did showed that this "wax" has animal byproducts (sorry vegans) & something from a bug...soooo not just wax. Yuck!

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