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#802317 What Is Normal Sleep For 8 Yr Old?

Posted by on 10 June 2012 - 10:25 AM

So we put my 8yr old son in bed around 830pm and he is allowed to read for 15-30 mins, then after that he goes to sleep. He sleeps many nights right through to 8 or 9 am. So figure he is getting around 10 hours a night. That seems excessive to me, esply since the neighborhood kids are out playing later, much later, and still get up for public school. If we let him stay up later, his behavior the next day is effected.

I only sleep around 5hours... so Dunno if I am a good benchmark. :)

What is normal for 8 year old?

That actually sounds like an excellent amount of sleep for an 8 year old. People aren't aware of it in our society often, but most kids are actually chronically sleep deprived, which itself can give kids symptoms of ADHD when they don't actually have it. Here's a handy guide: http://www.webmd.com.../sleep-children

So you should pat yourself on the back for meeting your son's needs for sleep here. We struggle with sleep a lot in our house - it is very difficult making sure my 22 month old gets enough sleep, since he has had chronic waking issues since birth that miraculously seem to be clearing up now that we have gone gluten free.
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