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In Topic: My Celiac Life Story.

05 May 2012 - 12:44 PM

With all due respect, I think that anybody who tries to self-diagnos a medical condition is playing with fire. What if all those problems arent from gluton but from cancer? If you have any ability to see a doctor about those problems I think you should. If I had self-diagnosed myself two years ago,I would not be here today. I'm just saying, or perhaps begging you, to see a doctor. Because , what if your self-diagnosis is wrong?? Some things to think about..........

I really can't afford to go see the doctor at this point in my life. I appreciate your concern, but doesn't it matter that I don't have the symptoms when I eat gluten free? Then when I do eat gluten I get them again...? When I am not eating gluten I feel fine, no issues that make me raise an eyebrow at all.

In Topic: My Celiac Life Story.

05 May 2012 - 06:10 AM

Welcome. I am glad you have found relief. As long as you do not need the reassurance of a dr to tell you what you already know, I see no need for testing. Remember too, the vast majority who are gluten intolerant will not be dx as celiac, for various reasons, so there is no guarantee a test would be psotive for you. Gluten intolerance is every bit as real as celiac, and should be viewed as seriously. Clearly, you don't tolerate gluten. I hope knowing that will be enough for you to commit to what is a huge lifestyle change. If you take the diet seriously, eventually others will too. However, if you are wishy-washy, or cheat occasionally, or even less than super strict, not only will others dismiss the seriousness of your illness, but they dismiss the seriousness of OUR illness, and it makes it very difficult for us to get "safe" food at restaurants, etc. I hope you will stay committed to being well- you will find it really feels quite wonderful! :)

Thanks for your kind words. I am definitely committing to the diet, when I think of gluten foods I think of the pain that accompanies them now - which makes it pretty easy to steer clear of. That one little mishap with the popcorn was enough for me to say, "ok - all done". lol. I've decided eating out is pretty much impossible unless I go to PF Changs. Thanks again for the reply!

Welcome Pro, I'm not an MD, but I think you can cross off Failure to Thrive....

Haha yes, sorry I missed that one.

Welcome Pro. Many of us are self diagnosed due to "failing" the not so perfect celiac testing. Failing a test for celiac doesn't make our symptoms go away though, or our need to eat gluten free.

Lactose intolerance is a common problem for us, especially at the beginning of the diet. But it does go away in time for some. .Whole foods cooked at home are a good way to start the diet.

Since celiac is hereditary it wouldn't be a bad idea to suggest the other family members get tested though. It might also be worthwhile to look at the family history of diseases. People with celiac tend to get other auto-immune disease more often the most people do. So a family history of thyroid problems, arthritis, diabetes etc might be an indicator.

Good points. I definitely can't afford 10 years of misdiagnosing :P Very glad to hear that the lactose intolerance goes away, I looove dairy :D I've talked to my family about it, but nobody thinks they have it (of course). Some of them have arthritis, and some diabetes.

In Topic: New To This And Still Not Sure If It Is Celiac Disease

04 May 2012 - 02:44 PM

I'm so sorry you had a rough day!! I could barely eat yesterday, I had about 3/4 of a small hot pocket at work around 10pm! It of course stayed down long enough for me to be past the 12am deadline for nothing to eat or drink for my tests today!! I'm hungry but afraid to eat!!

Thank you :D it's nice to have people who understand, and don't just write you off as exaggerating.

First off congrats on the wedding. Wishing you much happiness. Do keep eating gluten until your celiac related testing is done and then give the diet a good strict try. When you go for testing do make sure the doctor does stool testing to make sure that it isn't a case of food poisoning since these symptoms came on suddenly. Hope your feeling better soon.

Thank you! I was going to, but I just couldn't bare it any longer. It probably helps that I don't have health insurance either, and don't want to foot that much money to be told to eat gluten free :P

Pro, have you started your own thread? Not that you have to but it's easier when ppl ask questions like "Is your appt far off?"

I just started one, it is awaiting moderation.

The other new member, Pro, I thought might prefer his own thread. Heh, silly me, just checked through his PROfile & he'd already started one.

Not many people look at the introduction threads, so I am making one in this coping section. It is more in depth than my original post. Should be approved before too long. Very punny joke by the way :P

Sorry if I jacked your thread blossom. I hope you are feeling better now! :D

In Topic: New To This And Still Not Sure If It Is Celiac Disease

29 April 2012 - 10:35 PM

I'm really glad I found this thread. I've been. feeling the same way. Today I had two chicken legs and it made my stomach hurt so bad, and I got really nauseous. I am just trying to eat gluten so I can test, but it's such a terrible and immediate feeling for me. I can't believe it, I love chicken, but I was grossed out while eating it and I didn't even touch the biscuit.. I was really stressed out the last week (got married and drove 21 hours to Disney World for our honeymoon where my wife drug me all over the 4 parks and stuffing lots of gluten down.) I think the stress is what caused me to act so badly to gluten for the first time I've noticed, and every time since. It took me a week to catch on to how I was feeling every time I ate and all the issues. Dairy products too. Thought I had to have had food poisoning, but now I'm pretty certain it's celiac. Hopefully get tested this week. I ate some rice for dinner and feel better for sure, but still my stomach is not happy. Nothing compared to when I ate the chicken though.

In Topic: Ouch!

28 April 2012 - 09:53 PM

Bleh, I know how you feel. I am laying in this hotel bed wide awake because my stomach is killing me. Believe that I am lactose intolerant right now. Had milk this morning, cheddar cheese on a burger patty, and baked potato with cheese. Stomach hurt didn't feel good, but not anything close to the pain I have recently been getting immediately during eating gluten products (before I even finish eating). Then again, I also had a biscuit and french toast touching my breakfast (eggs and bacon) when I got it this morning, then my wife's fries touching my burger patty from Wendy's when they put it on the tray. Not sure if it's that big of a deal or not (just touching the food, guess it is), but didn't feel so bad most of the day. Not nearly as bad as the last week when I have been eating with no regard and having no idea what was going on... that was hell. My first day ever attempting gluten free, maybe tomorrow will be better. I know I am supposed to keep eating gluten so I can test for it, but it is killing me! I just want the pain to stop. :unsure:

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