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In Topic: Am I Right To Feel Offended?

20 September 2013 - 12:10 AM

Thank you for all the responses. It helps a lot to get other's perspectives. I guess it wasn't just that she wanted me to go to dinner and not eat that bothered me, but it is a combination of everything she's done since she got here. This happened on Sunday and was still bugging me, so I wanted to get some feedback. She ended up changing her plans anyway, and went to a local AA meeting before picking up chinese and bringing it back for everyone. Ended up working out great for me, but the guys had to eat really late.
She planned this trip so all the family could meet the baby, but she has been very self-focused and has blown off the family to do whatever.She is actually jealous that her bro took her hubby fishing, which he does everytime they have come. The poor guy is here dealing with his in-law and wife's old friends, so it's nice to have someone do something for him. But she doesn't like him getting attention. She has to be the center of the universe. So, she was insulted that neither of us took time off work and we aren't feeding her all the attention she wants. We can't afford to take time off. We have given them free reign and opened our house to them, but she said we are making them feel unwelcomed. For instance, one of her beefs has to do with us making salsa when her friends were visiting. The only time we can make it is the weekend, and we always set up in the livingroom to do the chopping. We did wait to do the actual canning until the guests left. But apparently we were rude for cutting produce in the livingroom. Oh well.
Anyway, back to the eating out. It is usually not much of an issue. The ACD diet is making it difficult. I have gone out and just hung out while others conversed over food. Those times have been strictly a way for us to see.each other in one place before going our seperate ways. My husband refuses to go eat somewhere I can't go unless it's just him, of course. Thanks again.

In Topic: How Much Sooner Could You Have Been Diagnosed If The Dentist Knew About Ename...

07 September 2013 - 07:55 AM

Hi, D!


After a fairly decent dental run, 30+ years with a couple cavities and an appliance as a kid and then a couple cavities during a six year dental hiatus, I suddenly appeared with 4 cavities which surprised my dentist and the assistants. They have come to know me for having excellent check-ups. These cavities were found around the same time I was officially diagnosed with crohn's. I told them of the diagnosis and they said that explained it and gave me a high fluoride toothpaste and encouraged me to be diligent with my oral care. They did not think the gluten intolerance was as big a factor as the crohn's.


The problem of absorbing nutrients in the gut is a big factor in dental issues, be it crohn's or celiac related. Now that I am on a whole foods diet (gluten-free and acd) I am using my energy to digest the nutrients rather than a few nutrients with a bunch of processed junk, as I did when eating before this diet. I hope to not have to have any more dental work, but who knows.



In Topic: Twin Cities (Mn) Recommendations?

27 August 2013 - 06:52 PM



It is further north than what you were hoping for, but I see Dr. O'Reilly at MN Gastro in Maplewood. I have to admit that I was frustrated early on, but overall it has been a good experience. He was more than willing to work with me and had an open mind. He is the one who suggested we don't just focus on celiac, but look at other possibilities. I usually see others in his office who report to him, and most of them are pretty good. Only one of them did not impress me because she didn't explain things well and constantly had to go talk to the doctor before answering my questions.


Best of luck to you, and I hope you are able to find a GI doc that fits your needs.



In Topic: Candida

12 July 2013 - 06:45 PM

Hi, skittles.


I am new to the anti-candida diet. I was just diagnosed with it last week and started the beginning of the diet a week ago. Looking at the symptoms for it, I think I have a lot of overlap between gluten intolerance and candiasis symptoms. I'm one of those people whose stomach would get bigger throughout the day as I ate or drank anything. I have constantly itchy skin and scalp.


This diet is limiting and takes some getting use to. I've already lost 9 lbs on it. On one website I found a cleansing diet and tried to start that, but I was absolutely starving because plant protein is not enough for me. That diet said to start with the allowed veggies, some oils, and herbs and seasonings. There are different diets all over the web. I had to add in animal protein. Eggs have to be antibiotic free (I would think the same would be true for chicken, but I haven't switched to that, yet). Pork is not allowed. I think that is due to the amount of toxins from the pigs overeating, but don't quote me on that. There are a few nuts that are allowed. I can have unsweetened almond milk and herbal teas. The only veggies not allowed are those with a high glycemic index or startch. So, no corn, carrots, potatoes, or certain squash. Then, the hardest ones for me have been no fruit (avocados are ok, and small amounts of lemon and lime are allowed to add flavor), and sweeteners. Only stevia and xylitol are allowed.


I am on an antifungal and take a high quality probiotic. I will soon be adding some essential oils to that regimen. My SIL works with them and is putting together some stuff that is specifically meant for getting rid of yeast and cleansing the liver, so it does not get overtaxed. I have been feeling some mild candida die-off symptoms, but nothing too bad. I also have a serious lack of energy and strength right now.

In Topic: Anaphlyaxis

09 May 2013 - 02:38 AM

I had my first anaphylaxis episode a couple months ago. They can't say for sure what the cause was, but shellfish is the main suspect. My blood test the following day was negative, with a 90% accuracy rate. The allergist said to avoid it no matter what the results were. I was loaded with antihystamine and steroids from the night before. Once i'm off my prescription steroids i will ask for more testing.
I had two milder reactions in the fall that were not correlated with food, so i really don't know what to think. I want to know, though. That was one of my go to restaurant options.
Based on all the research i've done since then i would say that yours sounds excersize induced or environmental. True anaphylaxis is suppose to take place within 30 minutes of ingestion. But you never know. Push for testing as long as they will accomodate you. I think it's important to know. Make sure people around you know how to use the epipen and at what point to administer a second shot if necessary. Carry both at all times, and if you have the option get an ICE app on your phone for contact information and medical info. Let the same people know it's there.
Best of luck to you, and i hope you have an answer soon.

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