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Member Since 30 Apr 2012
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#887557 How Much Sooner Could You Have Been Diagnosed If The Dentist Knew About Ename...

Posted by on 07 September 2013 - 07:55 AM

Hi, D!


After a fairly decent dental run, 30+ years with a couple cavities and an appliance as a kid and then a couple cavities during a six year dental hiatus, I suddenly appeared with 4 cavities which surprised my dentist and the assistants. They have come to know me for having excellent check-ups. These cavities were found around the same time I was officially diagnosed with crohn's. I told them of the diagnosis and they said that explained it and gave me a high fluoride toothpaste and encouraged me to be diligent with my oral care. They did not think the gluten intolerance was as big a factor as the crohn's.


The problem of absorbing nutrients in the gut is a big factor in dental issues, be it crohn's or celiac related. Now that I am on a whole foods diet (gluten-free and acd) I am using my energy to digest the nutrients rather than a few nutrients with a bunch of processed junk, as I did when eating before this diet. I hope to not have to have any more dental work, but who knows.



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#838632 Constant "ribcage" Pain

Posted by on 24 November 2012 - 07:01 AM

I second gfreejz. I had an injury a few years ago that caused excruciating pain. It took a month before my I went to the chiropractor and found out I popped my rib out of place. When it bothers me I can't take deep breaths either, and sneezing can get incredibly painful. Be prepared if you do go to the chiropractor, which I recommend. It can take multiple visits to get it back in place and staying there on its own. Each time I have to go it can take 8-12 visits. Mine has popped back out a few times. Sometimes I can feel it when it moves out again. Others, it moves out of place slowly unbeknownst to me until the pain starts. For me, sometimes the pain follows the rib all the way around. Other times it either is like a giant spear is goine through my back and out my chest, or it is only in the front or the back. Anything could be causing your pain. If you can tell that it is on only one side (left or right, but sometimes that can be indistinguishable) then I think a trip to the chiropractor is worth it. Especially since most doctors are so willing to throw medications at you instead of looking for the root cause. I hope you are able to fix it, whatever the cause may be.
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