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Am I Right To Feel Offended?

18 September 2013 - 11:59 PM

So, my sis-in-law is in town with her family. They are staying with us for the week. She wanted to go to this chinese restaurant for dinner one night, and she knows I am on a horribly restrictive diet, especially the gluten-free part. So she asked me to still come with even though I wasn't eating there. I was expected to sit there for 1-2 hours while everyone ate in front of me and took their sweet time BSing. The place would be a cross contamination nightmare. And I would be miserable.
I am fairly certain this specific place won't let you bring in your own meal. And, I am on the anti-candida diet which they would not be able to comply with. I don't. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive (I am almost always very laid back about the restrictions around my diet, but this bothers me).
My husband thought she was being insensitive by wanting us to go someplace I cannot eat. She could go with anyone else and do one of the safe restaurants with us if she wanted us to eat out together. He told her 2 places I know I can get a decent meal, and that chinese was not an option for me. He is also bothered by this and thinks she was really insensitive.
Am I right to be offended by her expecting me to sit at a restaurant and watch everyone else eat? My only option would have been to eat when I got back home, which could be hours later. Eating before wouldn't have worked because it takes a while for me to cook my food and eat, and they would have been impatient and bitching that I'm holding them up.

Update To My Story

01 January 2013 - 02:06 PM

It's been a little while since I've posted here. I have been completely exhausted and still going through testing and stuff. Finally have a diagnosis. Sort of. He said this is what I have, but I think he may have just been looking for a quick answer. Crohn's is one of the big digestive problems they treat. For all I know it could be something similar. I just hope my future isn't as full of as many complications and surgeries as most crohn's patients.
My husband and I are a little skeptical because I don't fit the description as well as we would expect, and we think the doc may have just looked for a common disease without being sure. That sure makes things easier for him. We are both afraid of what is to come if it is indeed crohn's. The folks over at the crohn's forum have been absolutely amazing! Just like here. :D Anyway, looking for a new GI doc because I don't feel I'm connecting with him. I asked for nutrient testing and he blew it off. I don't know. Maybe I'm expecting too much to think by now a physician would have wanted to see if I'm absorbing nutrients from my food. Thought that would be one of the first things checked when going through testing for a digestive problem.

Also, I had previously posted about an unsupportive spouse. Things have improved alot! He is finally growing up and realizing he can't be like a grown kid anymore. I think his mom's visit a few months ago really helped, too. He now thinks about US instead of HIMSELF when he plans things and looks to the future. As for the gluten free stuff, he is much much better about it now. He still rolls his eyes when I talk about certain cross contamination issues, but understands it for the most part. Otherwise he asks me about what I can and can't eat. He still complains that it's hard to make things for me to eat because I'm so restricted, but then he tells his family that it's actually really easy. What a turd. I try to stick to a whole foods diet, with a lot of room for improvement. :rolleyes: We can go out to eat, and he doesn't roll his eyes when I ask for a gluten-free menu. He also lets me pick the restaurant, so I know that I can safely eat. And, a big surprise- he leaves generous tips because of them making sure my food is safe. He has always been a poor tipper. There are still some areas in need of improvement, but it has come a long way. Maybe we will even get to the point soon where we can start a family. I have the itch, horribly. Have had it for a few years. I'm 33 and don't want to wait too long, but if things aren't right with us, then kids have to wait. Simple as that.

Hope everyone had a great New Years! I surprisingly made it past midnight. Usually I am asleep by nine on the nights I don't work. Just a tired girl. :P

Possible Toaster Solution

01 January 2013 - 01:56 PM

So, I found these in the health food section of my grocery store, conveniently placed near the gluten free foods. They are toastabags. I use to get a mild upset stomach when I used the toaster for my gluten-free bread. Now, I have no problems at all. As far as I can tell there is no cross contamination going on. These were advertised on the package as a way to make grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster. Since I only toast plain bread, I don't wash them much. They can be cleaned with soap and water or put in the dishwasher if you wish. They have other products, but I haven't checked them out yet.

Book Recommendations For Elimination Diet

14 November 2012 - 02:25 PM

I have decided, after some great advice here, to do the elimination diet after the holidays. I will be starting at the end of January, so I have lots of time to learn before then. We are going on vacation for a week in January, and I figured it would be stressful and counteractive to be trying to do the diet at that time. My question for you: Can anyone recommend a good elimination diet book? I like to have sort of a guide to work from. The only book I have found is a 28-plan. That just seems too fast for me. I read somewhere to only add foods every three weeks to allow time for reactions. That makes sense since some of our reactions can take a while to appear. If I don't find a book I will have to just do some good old internet research to gather info. It is just preferable to have sort of a "bible" to go from.

Input On Pathology Report

09 November 2012 - 07:22 PM

So, I finally got a copy of my pathology report. I'm going to include all of my tests from this year so that it is all in one place. To recap my previous posts, my Dr. isn't giving me a diagnosis. He is stopping just short of saying "you have..." They are currently treating me as though I have crohn's even though I don't entirely fit into that category. Looking up even mild cases, I don't nearly go to the bathroom that much. Anyway, as far as I know I am down to either crohn's or celiac as the culprit. One of you had mentioned the possibility of another problem, but I'll have to go back and find what that was (and which of you said that. Sorry, can't remember off the top of my head who).

Please let me know your opinions. Even if you think there might be another problem to throw into the mix.

August 20
Pathology report
A: Duodenum, biopsy
1. small bowel mucosa without diagnostic abnormality
2. no histologic evidence of celiac disease or other enteropathy

B: Ileum, terminal, biopsy
1. nonspecific chronic active ileitis
2. no dysplasia or malignancy

C: Colon, random, biopsy
1. colonic mucosa with no diagnostic abnormalities
2. no evidence of active inflammatory bowel disease
3. no dysplasia

B: The biopsy shows a chronic ileitis without specific features, differential considerations include medication induced injury versus crohn's disease. The findings include a patchy distribution of inflammation, mild active inflammation, focal aphthous ulceration, mild crypt distortion, no pyloric metaplasia and no granulomatous inflammation.

Specimen/Gross description
Duodenum, biopsy:
A) Received are 4 pink-tan soft tissues averaging 2mm. Entirely submitted in toto in a single cassette.
Terminal, ileum, biopsy:
B) Received are 4 pink-tan soft tissues ranging from 2 to 3mm. Tissue is submitted in toto in a single cassette.
Colon, random, biopsy:
C) Received are multiple (approximately 8) tan-pink soft tissues averaging 2mm. Entirely submitted in toto in 1 cassette.

September 24
Pillcam Endoscopy Report
Procedure info & findings
There are multiple aphthous ulcers scattered throughout the small intestine, a few larger than other.

Summary & recommendations
This is a complete test. There are multiple aphthous ulcers scattered throughout the small intestine, a few larger than others. The findings are suspicious for crohn's disease, although if the patient has been taking NSAIDS, NSAID enteropathy remains a possibility.

June 26
Lactose Breath test

July 5
Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum Result 235 Unit mg/dl Range 80-450

October 10

Sedimentation Rate-Westergren Result 9 Unit mm/hr Range <20

April 23
Basic Metabolic Panel
sodium Result 130 Range 135-145
potassium Result 4.0 Range 3.5-5.0
chloride Result 105 Range 98-107
co2, total Result 25 Range 23-31
anion gap Result 9 Range 5-18
glucose Result 83 Range 65-100
calcium Result 9.3 Range 8.5-10.5
bun Result 9 Range 8-25
creatine Result 0.78 Range 0.57-1.11
bun/creat ration Result 12 Range 10-20
GFR if not african american Result >60 Range >60

IGA tissue transglutaminase AB Result <1.2 Standard range <4

June 1

C-reactive protein, quant Result <2.0 Range <5
TSH Result 3.87 Range 0.30-5.00
Hemoglobin Result 13.8 Range 12.0-16.0
Hematocrit Result 41.3 Range 33.0-51.0
MCV Result 96 Range 80-100
MCHC Result 33.4 Range 32.0-36.0
MCH Result 32.0 Range 26.0-34.0
RDW Result 13.9 Range 11.5-15.5
platelets Result 315 Range 140-440
neutrophils Results 46 Range 42-72
lymphs Results 45 Range 20-44
monocytes Results 4 Range 0-11
eos Results 2 Range 0-7
basos Results 1 Range <3
neutrophils (absolute) Results 2.2 Range 1.7-7.0
lymphs (absolute) Results 2.1 Range 0.9-2.9
monocytes (absolute) Results 0.2 Range <0.9
eos (absolute) Results 0.1 Range <0.5
basos (absolute) Results 0.0 Range <0.3
RBC Results 4.31 Range 4.00-5.20
WBC Results 4.8 Range 4.5-11.0

That is everything, I think. My Lymphs came back high by a little bit. I don't really use NSAIDs, so the damage to my small intestines is not from that. I do take percocet and get epidural cortisone shots (no more than three shots in a year). I don't think either of those would do anything because percocet has acetaminaphine, and I haven't found anything linking the shots to intestinal problems. I am anxious to hear input from anyone to help give me a little direction. I am gluten free now, and am in the process of buying secondary kitchen items for myself since we have a compromised kitchen. I am treating gluten as though I have celiac and am pretty sensitive. I found out after an icky stomach that the godiva hot chocolate I was drinking was cross-contaminated in its processing. I though I had a dairy issue, but after going one month without it there was no change at all. My previous, and shorter, dairy free trial period may have coincided with allergies. I do know that I can't have large servings of dairy, because I will have problems from that. No more "american size" portions for me. ha ha.

Thanks to all for your thoughts. I know this is really long and I appreciate you taking the time to look.

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