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Member Since 30 Apr 2012
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Thanksgiving And Family...

15 November 2012 - 08:08 AM

For those of you that are going to friends and family for Thanksgiving, how will you be dealing with the GFD and possible CC?

I am supposed to go to my mother's for our meal. She's three hours away, so just eating when we get back home is not an option. She will be cooking at my step-father's house, who probably hasn't even been informed of my issues. He has offered to buy the groceries. My mother still thinks that this is just a fad diet for me, not a life long process. I was thinking that I would at least be able to have potatoes and veggies but my mother puts butter on everything and I can't do any form of dairy.

Would you go ahead and risk upsetting everybody by bringing your own food to heat up while you are there? I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but I don't want to make myself sick either, especially with a three hour car ride home. Not really in the mood to hit up every rest stop between her house and mine.

Ready To Scream...

26 September 2012 - 03:41 PM

I've been gluten and dairy free about six months now. It's driving me crazy but I'm dealing with it. It's been an adjustment but one worth making for my health.

The longer I'm gluten-free, I'm finding more and more foods that give me problems. Soy seems to upset my stomach to the point of not wanting to move. I just realized that peas now seem to give me D. Oh joy. Apricots have always given me problems but i used to be able to take a benadryl and still eat them. Not anymore. The last time I did that, I almost ended up in the ER. Will it ever stop?

Exactly when can I count on my list of okay foods to stop shrinking?

It seems like everyday something new comes up that I can no longer tolerate well. My hubby thinks I'm nuts because I throw little fits while shopping. I don't think that he understands how frustrating this is for me. First I loose all of my favorite foods. What I wouldn't give for a good baguette and some Brie right now, but no, I can't have that. I thought I only had a problem with dairy and gluten but no, I'm still finding other things that don't do we'll by me.

It's frustrating and I guess I'm still a little angry over all of this.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Life Has A Way Of Playing Cruel Jokes On You...

22 May 2012 - 03:12 PM

I'm in the middle of a total melt-down. This is some sort of a cruel, cruel joke. I enjoy food. I love cooking. I absolutely love feeding other people. I'm very creative in the kitchen. The colors and flavor combinations and textures were my pleasures in the kitchen. These days I can't stand being in my kitchen.

Take the gluten sensitivity, throw in a dairy allergy, add a sprinkle of apricot allergy, a splash of off limits passion fruit juice, mix it all together and top it with a possible soy intolerance and you've got me.

I've been gluten free almost four months now and I'm still angry and feeling very much betrayed by my own body. Please tell me that this does eventually get easier, that I will be able to enjoy spending time in my kitchen again. It's not that I haven't been enjoying cooking gluten and dairy free but I want my old life back. I've had to turn my life upside down. I've turned my kids' lives upside down. I've turned my husband's live upside down and none of it is fair.

All I want to do is stomp my foot like a three year old. I want to throw a temper tantrum.

Life plays cruel, cruel jokes on you...

Feeling Down And Out And Frustrated And....

07 May 2012 - 12:02 PM

Too many emotions running through my head to list. My first anniversary, birthday and mother's day with my newly diagnosed problems. Today is my husband and my 14th anniversary, tomorrow is my 34th birthday, and of course, sunday is mother's day. I will not be having cake or ice cream. The cake for obvious reasons but also because I'm now on a low sugar diet because I found out I'm pre-diabetic. Still not too sure what that means. The ice-cream because it turns out I'm allergic to milk. Who knew?

Now I'm wondering if all of the tests were/are worth it? You see, I'm not done yet. Still have the endoscopy and colonoscopy next week and almost forgot, more blood work tomorrow. When did I loose control of my life or am I just trying to regain it?

Then I'm feeling guilty about the whole no cake and ice-cream thing and it's my birthday. But I know my 5 kids have expectations and I hate letting them down but I don't want to make something I can't have or eat it and then end up sick. Shoot, I'm barely getting over my husband accidentally glutening me with sour cherry candies that he bought me.

I guess I'm just frustrated and feeling sorry for myself. Hey, if anybody has any good low-carb, low-sugar, gluten free, dairy free cake and icing recipes, maybe you could pass them my way. Thanks for letting me vent.

Went To See Gi Dude Today And....

02 May 2012 - 02:38 PM

Now I get to go in to be scoped from both ends. Just wondering if colitis is in any way shape or form related to celiac's or gluten sensitivity. I apparently do have a gluten sensitivity, we are just working on to what extend. I do not have to go back on gluten for the endoscopy though. That actually makes me wonder exactly what he thinks he's going to find with me having been gluten free for the last three months. At least he's not demanding that I torture myself for the upcoming tests with gluten. I just get to torture myself by cleaning out my system. Any ideas on making it easier?

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