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In Topic: Help With Endoscopy Findings?

15 May 2012 - 12:11 PM

Well, after waiting the 10 days for results to come in the mail and them never coming, my mom called my (primary- Ms. "I don't want you on the gluten free diet because I want you to gain weight.) doctor today. Apparently everything is normal. No celiac, no infections, nothing. Now I'm really getting frustrated. If I don't have Celiac and I don't have any infections or bacteria WHAT is wrong with me? Why do I have constant stomach discomfort, weight loss & inability to gain weight, elevated anxiety, a completely random, out of the blue thyroid problem (gone now, but what caused it in the first place?), red, freezing hands and feet, and everything else? All of that just doesn't happen together over the course of a year without something being wrong, does it?

I want to call my mom and ask her to call the GI doctor and have him tell/send her the results but it's not going to happen. She's already irritated with me and "all my nonsense" and she's just going to believe whatever my primary doctor says. I still have my appointment with the GI doctor at the end of the month and I'm curious to see how that'll go. At this point I'm thinking that I just have a sensitive stomach and an anxiety disorder or something and that I'm just a drama queen and it's normal to feel this way all the time.

I so wanted an answer in the endoscopy results. It's not that I want Celiac disease- I just want an answer. I mean, I know it's completely and totally crazy to be sitting here getting upset over the fact that I don't have a disease but I guess I just got so hopeful that I would get some answers. *sigh*

Sorry to bring such an old topic back up to the first page. (not quite sure if that's against forum etiquette?)I just wanted to vent.

In Topic: Help With Endoscopy Findings?

02 May 2012 - 09:58 AM

If your mom is willing to help you, ask her to get paper copies of all your test results. There are some good people here who can tell you more about what they mean if you post your blood test numbers and biopsy results (when you get them).

Welcome! You came to a great place for information and support!

And, you did not say anything stupid, and you did not put too much information! Great job explaining your issue!

Were you having a lot of symptoms? What was happening to you that got you to see the doctor?

There are lots of people here who know a LOT about testing and celiac, I know some of them will be along soon to welcome you and help with your questions!

Thanks for the welcome and response! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to get my blood test results. My mom sees no reason to get them because the tests were done months ago and my doctor said that even with the results she "didn't want me on a gluten free diet right now because I need to gain weight." (More on that later.) She just sent me to the GI doctors and they're the ones who said they thought it could be Celiac. But hopefully I get my biopsy results soon! Those should be coming in the mail so I'll be able to actually see those directly instead of going off of what my doctor told my mom and then what my mom tells me.

Now about symptoms. My main ones would be the typical stomach problems: Diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, all that gross stuff. I have also lost approximately 30 pounds since last May. I was a perfectly healthy weight at the beginning of last summer and now I'm extremely underweight. I haven't had a period since around that time as well(sorry, tmi). My hands and feet are always freezing and my toes seem to be numb more often than not now. My hands also get extremely red and sometimes get this really weird rash thing or something. It gets really red, dry, itchy, and it stings and burns. Not sure if that's a symptom- I think I remember reading somewhere that it was? I was having thyroid problems (hypo) but taken off of the medication when I got retested and it had gotten overactive. For the most part, that's about it. There are a few other little things that I'm not sure are related to whatever it is that I have. One being the dark circles that are under my eyes. I constantly look exhausted but I get a good 8+ hours of sleep every night and generally have no problems sleeping. I was thinking that it could be related to a vitamin deficiency or something but I really have no clue.

Anyway, thanks again for the welcome! I'm look forward to getting some answers on all of this stuff and hopefully feeling better pretty soon!

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