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Member Since 06 May 2012
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In Topic: Travelling On "Carnival Victory"

07 August 2012 - 03:54 PM

I wrote to the CEO of Carnival regarding my experience and below is their response:

Good morning Mrs. Bruno:

Mr. Arison has forwarded your letter to my attention for handling as concerns of this nature fall under my purview. It's my pleasure to respond on his behalf.

I'm sorry you feel that our call center agents and supervisory staff did not give your issues the attention they deserve. I can assure you that the concerns you've raised have been addressed by the appropriate management team and reviewed thoroughly. Nonetheless, we’re very sorry your dining experience was not all you'd hoped it would be and that our genuine concern has not made the impact as intended.

We are also concerned with the poor impression you were left with regarding your special dietary requirements. Carnival values our guests with special needs and we make every effort to accommodate these requests. Towards this end, it is our goal to have a variety of gluten-free products onboard our ships at any given time.

Mrs. Bruno, although we respect your continuing interest in this matter, our position remains the same. I am sorry that you remain displeased and regret we cannot come to an understanding. At this point, I must advise you that we are unable to give this matter any further consideration.

I take the opportunity to reiterate our sincere apologies previously expressed and leave you with my best wishes.


Amanda Saenz
Guest Care Specialist
Carnival Cruise Lines | 3655 NW 87th Avenue | Miami, FL 33178 |

In Topic: Organic Spices, Which Are Safe To Eat?

05 August 2012 - 04:29 PM

I am looking for some safe brands of organic spices to eat.
I try to grow almost all my own herbs, but growing certain spices is not possible in the climate i live in- like cinnamon! I would love to have ya'lls advice first, before just testing out different brands on my body!
I recently got gluten'ed by some olive oil (what the hec!) and have been sick for 2 weeks, so i am needing to be extremely careful. As with all products these days it seems many companies are not being honest with their labels - or are not aware of how important the gluten free label is to those with celiac (even though people with allergies need the labels more then anyone else.)
Thanks ya'll for the help!


I also use McCormick's spices and have had good luck. How about Natural Food Stores in your area?

In Topic: Traveling Gluten-Free

10 July 2012 - 04:45 PM


I am new to this whole gluten-free thing. My doctor and I think that my 15 month old son has Celiac but we haven't had any tests done yet (I am actually taking him to get the blood test done today). Anyway we are leaving to California tomorrow from Utah and I am so stressed trying to think of snacks for the car and to know if there are any fast food or other restaurants that he can even safely eat at. So do any of you guys have any favorite snacks you take on road trips that a 15 month old would like and/or is there anywhere you actually trust to eat? Also, I think I am going to buy him some gluten-free bread, do you have a favorite type or brand?

Thanks in advance!

I like the Kind Bars but I don't know if your child can have nuts or not. They have quite a few different ones to choose from. Three Bakers has the best bread and rolls that I have tried yet. They have a website to look at. Have you tried looking at Pinterest? There are people who have gluten-free recipes. I post alot on them.

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