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In Topic: Best/safest Gluten Free Restaurants In Nyc?

23 April 2014 - 05:55 PM

Since it sounds like you will be in New York for 2 meals, it would be reasonable to eat at least one of those meals at a gluten-free friendly restaurant.  Your friend may not be used to the idea of you needing to be gluten free.  For some of my family (like my in-laws) it took a long time for them to adjust to the idea of choosing a restaurant based on this new criteria.  Saying that, I love visiting New York because I feel they are used to dealing with such diverse people with diverse allergies and health needs.  This is a list of restaurants I have compiled so far, some of these restaurants are in the location you will be in.  I have been to Nizza's and did not have any issue.  I also Love Love Love 5 Napkin Burger-- the burgers are amazing and I am a french fry addict.  Anyplace that has a dedicated fryer is awesome to me!  My family knows if we go to NY that always means at least one trip to 5 Napkin Burger!

Bloom's Deli --Lexington & 40th (midtown)
Nizza restaurant 45th & 9th (Hell's Kitchen, near times square)
5 napkin Burger
(the best ever!!!)
Risotteria: 270 Bleecker st between 6&7yh Avenue on corner of Morton street (Greenwich Village)
Bistango (Italian)
Pala (pizza & pasta)
Caracas Arepa Bar
Blue Smoke (midtown)
Friedman's lunch
Bloom dujoir ( upper west to eat in or midtown for take out or lower manhattan 
Energy kitchen 
Lilli's 57 (Asian/Sushi)

In Topic: Gluten Free Make Up

22 October 2013 - 06:05 PM

I am looking at three brands of gluten free make up - 100% Pure, Juice Beauty, and Pacifica.  Does anyone have any experience good or bad with any of these brands?  Or can suggest another brand of gluten free make up?  

I use Nars.  Like it a lot

In Topic: Follow Up Endoscopy After Gfd ?

16 September 2013 - 05:01 PM

Hi Everyone,


My mom (49 years old) was diagnosed with celiac 1 year and 4 months ago, she didnt have symptoms but since my aunt was diagnosed she had the test too and turned out she had celiac and endoscopy showed marsh 3b. She has been on a gluten free diet since then. Her repeat blood work 9 months after GFD showed normal results but only ttg was borderline (down from >800 to 10) . I was wondering when she should go for a repeat endoscopy to check her intestines for healing as i have read so many people go after one year and are still not completely healed since it takes time. Has anyone here gone for a repeat endoscopy? and if so, after how long and what were your results ?


From what i have read i feel she shouldnt go for a repeat endoscopy unless atleast after 2 years especially because she had extensive damage and she has the highest risk genes DQ2.5 AND DQ2.2


I think gastroenterologists feel differently about this and most do not necessarily request another scope and biopsy, especially if the antibody levels are falling or test negative.  I did get rescoped at a year (my request) and although I wasn't completely healed I went from Marsh 3-c to Marsh I-II.  I also did not get symptoms prior to diagnosis but I sure do get symptoms now when I get contaminated.

In Topic: Awesome Gluten Free Bagels

31 August 2013 - 03:47 PM

i'm from jersey.  are you from jersey??  lolz - heck yes i have been looking for a 'good' bagel!!!!!!!!  i made some that were pretty darn good with yeast dough, so it was *all* the processes (dough rising blah blah, boiling bagels, baking) so it took the better part of a day.  if i could purchase such goodness i would be in Jersey Heaven :)  thank you i will be checking these out.  i am in tennessee, now, aerosmith won't even play here.  talk about culture shock when you grow up 30 min from the city!!!


now: find me good pizza!!! LOLZ   :P

i was a pizza snob before celiac and certainly no pizza i have ever come across since gluten free has even come close to the awesomeness of a thin crusted pizza.  Although I still eat gluten free pizza it is not the same experience.

In Topic: gluten-free Make Up ?

19 July 2013 - 05:29 PM

NARS is a full line of makeup, all of it gluten free. Sold at some department stores and some specialty makeup stores like MAC

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