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Member Since 08 May 2012
Offline Last Active Jul 11 2015 03:29 AM

Blog Entries

1desperateladysaved's Blog > Tears In The Grocery Store Again.

Posted 09 June 2015

At the grocery store the other day, I checked out the meats. I noticed a package of turkey breast, which I use to frequently buy before I found out I had allergies to it. I absently passed on by.. I got a few feet away and stopped dead. "Wait" I told myself; I can have turkey! I turned and took a couple of steps back. Oh, right, I thought as I turned away...

1desperateladysaved's Blog > Weight Loss Mystery/don't Live By A Grain Silo!

Posted 03 November 2014

I am going down weight loss mountain the past few months. Things are (as usual) too complicated for me to really know why. My own guess ( just now) is that I finally got the last big allergen out of my diet. . I had previously avoided all sweets except for tiny amounts of honey. Honey was something I had not considered for possible allergies, and finally...

1desperateladysaved's Blog > Don't Forget The Enzymes: Because

Posted 27 October 2014

I guess many know, but I better be up front to say that I am having allergies most likely from long-term celiac symptoms not diagnosed. At any rate I have healed my villi and had figured that I could stop taking my enzymes. I noticed the following symptoms:

More easily irritated.
Increasing Fatigue ,
Weight loss 10 lbs in a few months....

1desperateladysaved's Blog > Clash With The Doctors On My Colonoscopy Prep

Posted 26 July 2014

I am normally a very shy person just wanting to blend in and willingly do what I am asked. However, when doctors told me that I needed to drink high fructose corn syrup, corn in my medications, and plastic (Mira lax) they had overstepped their power and I felt threatened. I swell up if I smell corn, so I knew I couldn't eat it. They dismissed my concern a...

1desperateladysaved's Blog > Damage Assesments At 2 Years Gluten Free: Colonoscopy/endoscopy Prep

Posted 14 July 2014

Quite possibly I suffered from celiac all of my life. I say 30+ years since I am older than that and can recall bloating and fatigue beginning undeniably at age 19 after a bout with mono-nucleosis. I have been working with my physicians to relieve my symptoms naturally and attempting to get to the roots of problems and solve them since realizing I had a g...

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