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In Topic: Too Extreme Or Just The Right Medicine?

Today, 04:30 AM

I think you have some good ideas and you should keep walking (like this) with your mind engaged. I understand the philosophy of cutting many foods right away and hoping to get them back later.  I always liked that better than having to cut more and more.  I would expect your body to be working hard at recovery for a while.  I had leg swelling, one leg (right) bigger than the other for a long time.  My doctors said that my lymph system was going crazy.  Mine seems to have been linked to foods that bothered me, but as I understand the lymph system helps to clean out the body for whatever reason.  Squats was an exercise that I thought helped with the swelling when I could do them.  You could start with one or whatever is comfortable.  It is incredible to watch as the swelling finally recedes.  Best wishes as you heal and go on with your life.



In Topic: Problems Eating Things On Celiac Diet

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

I switched most things in my diet because of similar problems with foods I had been eating.  If you look at the store you can likely find new to you vegetables and meats.  Shocking things began to happen with my body after doing that!  Fennel (for example) is a vegetable that one can find in the produce section.  It rather looks like an onion but has a feathery plume on top.  Tradition says that it is good for digestion.  All I know is that it is a great pick me up for energy.  You might try that.  How about Jicama (I hash brown fry it).



In Topic: Can Low Urea Be A Sign Of Celiac Disease? As In Malnourishment?

Yesterday, 04:27 AM

I had low ferritin which resolved by 18 months gluten free.  I have heard others mention low cholesterol.  If you have an adequate diet, but are low in nutrients that would seem to indicate the need for to find a cause of the low nutrients levels.  Did you have a full celiac blood panel yet?

In Topic: Celiac's Diagnosis Saved My Life!

Yesterday, 04:19 AM

Coming from the view of one allergic to wheat:


Welcome!  I am glad your life was saved!  It turned out I have allergies to wheat, so  I have to be extremely careful (more so than many people that have celiac)..  I react for almost no reason.  To me, eating out means throwing out a blanket on the ground in the park and pulling out the meal I've made!  I use thermos jugs, a hot stone, and insulated bag to keep things hot.  I keep a bin of plates, forks, cups, and napkins always in the car.  For fun, I also keep straws for my shakes.  I wrap bananas in bubble wrap, so they won't get bruised.  I carry hard boiled eggs in an egg carton.  One can have almost anything for a quick lunch while on the go.  It is much better than getting sick! 



In Topic: We Got The Bloodwork Done Today!

22 October 2014 - 07:07 PM

I am hoping for a definitive diagnosis, and that your kitchen can be gluten free for your sake.