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In Topic: Accidentally Ate Gluten

17 August 2014 - 08:17 AM

I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. I have had the occaisional accident. I think everyone reacts differently. I find I don't feel much right away. Maybe a few hours later I will feel really tired and foggy, maybe have an upset stomache, and then it goes away within an hour. But prolonged exposure (I ate gluten 3 days in a row to see what would happen) causes me to be full out symptomatic. I ate it the first day, nothing. Had it the second, felt kinda gross. By the third day, I was heading into migraine city within an hour of consumption. For me, I wouldn't get fully sick after an accidental bite or two. I may not feel so hot but I will be functional. Everyone is different though, My sis in law is down for the count, in bed after a bite or two. 

In Topic: Does Gluten Intolerance Mean 100% gluten-free?

24 May 2014 - 08:57 AM

I have had all the tests for celiac done and they have been negative, except for my biopsy which showed some "minor features consistent with celiac." Many times I eat things like pizza and white bread just fine and have no problems. I'm wondering if just cutting back on gluten might help my symptoms, or if I really have to go 100% gluten free. If I am really gluten intolerant, why am I able to handle things like pizza, white bread, and other products with gluten in them with no problems? Is this a sign that gluten is not my problem? Thank you.

I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. A while ago, I decided to have a regular gluten filled muffin. I was fine. I was fine all night. I was fine the next day. Sweet. So 2 days later, I had another muffin. Again i was fine. 2 days later, I had another one. I WAS NOT FINE. OMG WAS I SICK!  I had been hoping that somehow I was cured, or that I had grown out of having Celiac Disease. but that third time eating gluten, I was sick. My symptoms don't last long. Many people get violently ill. I don't, but I know my body and I knew I wasn't well. Luckily, I am able to take some tylonal, a hot shower and sleep it off. But even that minor thing is hard for me and my family when I have stuff to do. I can't always be going to bed because I wanted to eat gluten. So I just stay away. 

My biopsy came back negative, so I don't know if I actually have celiac disease or intolerance but my Dr was willing to make the celiac disease diagnosis, so I treat myself like I have it. 

In Topic: How Do You Emotionally Deal With Setbacks?

24 May 2014 - 08:49 AM

I'm wondering how everyone else deals emotionally with setbacks you encounter during your recovery?


I've been doing so well for over a month...yay!  I was diagnosed in January, had a rough beginning.  But for a little over a month was doing great.  I would talk about how good I was feeling, how I hadn't even realized how bad it had been until I saw all of the improvements,  I felt like I really got the label reading, cooking, etc. down.  I was exercising again.


And then last Wednesday I started feeling bad again.  By Thursday I was doing the run to the bathroom up to 15 times a day...exhausted...foggy...headache. All of the usual stuff.  I analyzed everything that I had eaten and realized that I had added 2 things into my eating that I hadn't had....almond flour and Ghiradelli chocolate chips.  I bought the chips because a recipe called for bittersweet and I didn't see any from Nestle.  Looking into it I see that they are made in a shared facility.  So, I guess I got too confident, didn't check something out and am suffering for it.  :(


I am having a really difficult time with this emotionally.  I feel mad and sad and all of that stuff.  The setbacks in this journey of celiac disease are so harsh and devastating.  They take such a toll.


How do you deal with it?  Get through it?






I get mad at myself for having celiac disease. It's not my fault, but I just get so mad that I have to be so difficult! So I totally get the emotional aspect you are feeling. I have been Gluten Free for almost 2 years, with a handful of incidents where I either wasnt careful, or threw caution to the wind and ate something Gluten filled, stupid, stupid.  Even after almost 2 years, this morning I held a donut in my hand and was actually bargaining with myself. I was saying, I'm not working until 43o tonight. I can eat this and then take a nap and be fine! why not?

In the end, I didn't do it. Sure, my immediate reaction to eating gluten doesn't last long, a couple hours at most and I can sleep it off and feel fine when I wake up, but what damage am I causing internally? Sure, I was diagnosed with celiac disease formally, but even my Dr thinks it may be intolerance and not so much full blown celiac disease, but it could or could not really be celiac disease. All my tests were negative, all blood work, biopsy, etc. But my symptoms disappeared when I stopped eating Gluten so she just went ahead and made the diagnosis. 

Do I really want to bargain with myself though? No, its not worth it. 

The point Im trying to make is that I don't think the emotional aspect ever really goes away. Im not as emotional as I was, but I do have my days. 

What I do to get over it is find something delicious to eat or keep my mind occupied. I have noticed an increasing intolerance to dairy products. I have a lot of the same symptoms as I did when I was eating gluten, but I get them right after eating ice cream, or too much cheese/cream. I have problems when I eat too much corn products and even too much sugar. 

So what you ate may not have been the chocolate chips, you could be developing an entirely new set of food problems. 

In Topic: Bloating - Help? :(

08 February 2014 - 12:53 PM

I know some people experience major bloating after eating foods with gluten in them...but I have been bloated almost non stop, even after cutting gluten out of my diet. 


My stomach is huge, I have no idea why the bloating won't go down. I am pretty careful, even going so far as to eliminate hand sanitizers and shampoos with gluten in them. I read that digestive supplements and probiotics as well as drinking more water can help the bloat go down. Does anyone else have any other tips? For awhile I couldn't drink much water...it was making me sick..but now I am gradually able to drink more water again, thankfully. Can anyone recommend good probiotics/digestive enzymes that actually work for bloating? It seems like there's always something wrong. I know my stomach is far too big for my size...it looks like I'm pregnant.. please help? :(


I also have gall stones, not sure if that matters...


I am a little under a year and a half gluten free now. Only recently have I discovered horrible bloating, gas and pain after eating large amounts of dairy. I seem to be ok with a yogurt here and there, a little cheese and half and half in my coffee. But if I eat a bowl of ice cream, or gluten-free Mac and Cheese, gluten-free pizza....I get very bloated. 

last night, I had ice cream and I was so bloated, gassy and sick to my stomach that I just went right to bed. Every so often I try to eat it, with the same results. I guess I should just give up. I was actually ok going Gluten Free, it was very non-eventful and I don't have cravings. But cutting Dairy hurts. 

In Topic: How Can You Manage A Gluten Challenge When Cc Affect You So Badly?

08 December 2013 - 08:04 PM

I read about how some people feel nauseous for days from the tinniest cross-contamination so I wonder how some people who been off gluten for a while can manage a gluten challenge for a few days, wouldn't eating actual pure gluten make you feel very ill instantly and thus preventing you eating any other bite of gluten for days?

Or maybe it's because I read stories of too many sensitive people which seem to be the norm on this forum?

My dr suggested I "test" it out now that it has been a year since my dx. I did this weekend and immediately regretted it. One bite was all that did it and is all I need to know that I am most def Celiac. I was dx'd Celiac even though all my tests and biopsy came back negative. I should have just smiled and nodded and not eaten what I did. My symptoms, thankfully, usually just last a few hours and then leave me a little drained. Some people are sick for days :(

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