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Decoding Celiac Results

11 October 2012 - 10:33 AM

Hello All!

So I am semi new to this community, and I was just looking for help in trying to figure out my blood test results. I've had digestive symptoms for years, and always just thought it was a "part of life" and delt with it. After a stressful move across country, July of 2010, my symptoms worsened. It was to the point where I wanted to boycott food altogether lol

Anyway it was about a year ago that someone suggested my symptoms could be Celiac, and It took me almost a year to get around to getting tested. I went gluten free for a month or so to see how I felt, but I had already scheduled a doctors appointment at the GI office....i started eating everything bread related for a couple weeks prior to the testing, including buying a loaf of disgusting wheat bread..and eating most of the loaf...gag. I literally felt like i was dying...brain fog...fatiuge ( i cant spell...haha), severe bloating and pain, sometimes "D"...i missed work...blah blah blah...anywhoooo

Got testing done through TriCore...and this is what was all in the "celiac panel"

IgA: Sufficient
Gliadin IgA Ab: 8 (ref range 0-19 Units)
Tis. Transglut Ab IgA: 15 (ref range 0-19 Units)

it seems like its negative...and after all the research i have done, i thought there would be more included in the testing...it was really really dirt cheap so I dont know....I hope someone can help me on this...should I get retested? I cant afford to get scoped (which I hear is the Gold Standard)...Cause I have no health insurance. :(

Thank you for the help....sorry for the long rant haha

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