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Member Since 10 Jul 2005
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In Topic: Sugar

15 July 2005 - 10:07 AM

You might look into candida re the bloating etc..

I think we are all "allergic" to pasturized dairy products. Even when we don't have symptoms. Pasturizing dairy makes it something far from what it really is. I have recently learned that raw goat milk is not only tolerable to people who can't have dairy but its actually healing to the intestines. And the thing about it is, it tastes really good. I tried pasturized goat milk that I bought at Whole Foods once and it was nasty. Raw goat milk is almost the same as cow milk, but a bit sweeter. Its actually delish! A bit more creamy because is is naturally homoginized and the fat doesn't seperate. The fat globules are also much smaller than cow dairy, another reason its more digestible. I NEVER thougth I would like it. I know a few people who homestead, so they rely on goat milk and they are all very healthy. I got a book called Goat Milk Magic that really got me interested. I found a local farm that milks the goats right into the container..talk about fresh...and was "willing" to try it. I was suprised to love it. I better love it, its 12 bucks a gallon!!!!!

Anyway..I'm sure this is old news here, but www.bodyecologydiet.com is a good place to start re: candida/bloating etc...


In Topic: Sugar

15 July 2005 - 09:03 AM

Thanks for taking the time to reply everyone.

I will just try and avoid processed sugar and rice for the time being.  Probably a really good thing as I am eating too much rubbish to make up for missing out on bread etc.!  Never had a sweet tooth till I found out about my gluten problem not I'm like a cookie monster!!

Have a great day and weekend!

In Topic: Adventures In Celiac World

15 July 2005 - 06:05 AM

Thank you all so much for sharing those stories! Its good to know that I'm not alone in this. That's happened to me many times. I was in a restaurant once when I had to get up to the bathroom seven times in a row. I was with a good friend. After that I knew I would start throwing up so I apologized and had to drive home. The windows were all the way open to get some air and I just made it home before the vomiting started! Its really hard to concentrate on driving safely when all you want to do is throw up. :blink:

I have also left many parties early because of this. It doesn't seem funny at the time though. Hopefully those experiences are behind me, now that I am gluten and dairy free.

June :D

In Topic: I Did Something Wrong Trying To Post..

14 July 2005 - 05:28 PM

Ok, cool, thanks!

In Topic: What Do You Do During Dinner At A Wedding?

13 July 2005 - 12:28 PM

My question is what about cross contamination? Can you *really* get something gluten free from a kitchen like that?

Is there anywhere on this forum with a list of what people eat during the day? Like today for breakfast, lunch, dinner I had...I have noticed some of you have pretty extensive food allergies and I'm really curious what you eat daily.

I hope you have fun at the wedding. I say eat in the car :)

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