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In Topic: Chef That Wants To Borrow Your Shoes...i'm Taking A Walk

28 January 2015 - 04:33 PM

I always talk directly to the Kitchen Manager or Chef and then fill in the Wait Staff.  Some tips:  If getting grilled food, ask if they use seasonings and/or sauces on the grill.  Check if gluten free.  Some Chefs have offered to clean a portion of the grill while others may offer to grill on tin foil.  Always ask for baked potatoes un-cut with butter, etc. on the side (you don't want someone grabbing any knife and cutting your potato).  Check drinks for any mixes used to make the drink.  


If you want to know what it really is like to be celiac....check your medications and suppliments for gluten.  Buy a new toaster.  Buy new pans if teflon is scratched.  Throw away any wooden spoons/cutting boards.  Buy a new strainer.  Buy new plastic food storage products.  If it is pourous or scratched...it must go.  Vacuume out all your cupboards and wash them.  Same with pantry.  These are just some of the things celiac's deal with on a regular basis.  It is very difficult to trust your food prep to someone other than yourself.  This is why many celiacs do not dine out often and is why a third degree questioning is necessary and why it is necessary for staff to take you seriously, regardless of the fad dieters out there.


Good Luck :)



In Topic: Cosmetics! Help!

28 January 2015 - 04:18 PM

This is one of my biggest frustrations too. People seem to think that "some" gluten all over our faces can't possibly find its way into the mouth and thus the stomach. I totally stopped using mascara! We still have to wash it off. That gets it all over the hands, a wash cloth or cleaning pad and then it really can make its way into the mouth pretty easily. The same is true with shampoo. It just makes no sense to me to take any chances. There can be damage without any symptoms. And why does beauty have to also include risking the serious symptoms of low iron, vit D deficiency and cancer?


Anyway, I use Bare Minerals. They are mostly just ground up minerals. Where I live, the stores in the mall are staffed by people who actually understand.

Hi Sunny.  You may experience reactions, and take further precautions that are not the same as someone with classic celiac disease.  Many like minded members discuss these issues in the Super Sensitive Forum where others may have experiences closer to your own and may take further precautions to protect themselves from gluten than is typically necessary for most celiacs.  


I don't think anyone is dis-crediting your experiences.  It may just not be typical for the majority of celiacs.  I think you will find that most members take precautions with shampoos and lip products as it can easily get into the mouth.  I don't think I've ever heard of an issue with taking mascara off and getting glutened from it but, or course, anything is possible.  Some members may agree completely with your opinions and some may completely disagree.  That is the nature of discussion.



In Topic: Cosmetics! Help!

28 January 2015 - 03:39 PM

I continued to use my Too Faced primer today, I will see if it has any effect over the next few days. I recently picked up makeup from a homemade company on Easy called InYourFaceMakeup. She offers samples and after playing around with it, I'm in love! I also figured out that the Organics Mascara from Physician's Formula doesn't give me any problems.


When I have gluten in my makeup, my eyes swell shut, my acne gets worse and my jawline swells. Very similar to when I ingest it minus the stomach problems, migraines, and fatigue. 

You seem to be suggesting that you are NOT getting glutened from ingesting the make-up but rather having a skin reaction to the make-up.  Most likely you are reacting to an ingredient in the make-up that is not even connected to gluten.


Good Luck.



In Topic: Questions: Skin Biopsy Of Dh

18 January 2015 - 06:24 AM



The only one I know of 'happy' to have the blisters flowing.  You're cracking me up :)  Yes,  Colleen = girl, good catch, unless you really are Irish, then is just common sense ... lol.


Good Luck on the biopsies.



In Topic: Questions: Skin Biopsy Of Dh

17 January 2015 - 03:51 AM

Hi Irish...


I've had a ton of biopsies and they can take them from anywhere.  They will give a shot first to numb then take the biopsy then a stitch or two if needed.  Get some Aquaphor healing ointment to help with healing.  I've had some large biopsies and even then it just leaves a bit of a pucker on the skin.  Yours will most likely not even leave a noticible mark. The Doc will probably decide which place looks good so.  I've even had a biopsy on my face and you can't tell :) .  


Tuesday will be here soon enough :)  I'm haven't read the whole thread here but I see Squirmy has been helping you so I won't give the lecture on how to do the biopsy :)


Hang in there...