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In Topic: How Long Did It Take You To Really Feel Great?

Yesterday, 05:43 PM

I think the feeling great part can depend on how long you have been UN-diagnosed and how much damage has been done.  Some times your body just can't fix whats wrong.  I believe every small improvement should be celebrated  because when things start going to shit, it really goes to shit fast and quality of life issues come to the fore front.  I don't want to depress you so I'll leave it at that :)



In Topic: Food Causing Insomnia

17 February 2015 - 04:56 AM

Hi Alicia....Welcome.


As you probably know, fatigue and insomnia can be from a ton of different things or can be from just being tired.  You can experiment with using Melatonin with Valarian root when you go to bed.  Melatonin kicks in the sleep cycle.  These are both suppliments and can be found at most stores.  Be advised that Suppliments are not reviewed by any regulatory agency.  Since you did not get tested, you don't know if you have any deficiencies  or other causes for your fatigue and insomnia.  Your General Doctor can run a Thyroid Panel to check that.  Ask the Maternal side of your family and see if any have thyroid problems.  It does run strongly in families and it also is more common in Celiac Patients as well as other AutoImmune Diseases.  You can choose to cut out all Dairy.  Again, in Celiac, when villi are damaged, you cannon digest dairy either and must be healed first.  You may be eating to many processed foods.  Eat whole foods, that should help too.  


Not knowing if you have Celiac or not you are really just grasping at ideas, and I also understand the Insurance side of it.  All of these ideas can be done without a Doctor except the Thyroid Panel.  I am thinking you can probably get that done at a walk in clinic, or maybe at the Urgent Care places for 50 bucks?  I'm sure there are other options also according to where you live.


So, Eat better.  Cut out dairy and processed foods.  Get your vitamins from your foods,  Maybe try the suppliments.  And think about your Thyroid.


Easy Right  :D


Do what you can and see what happens  :)


Good Luck,  Colleen

In Topic: Misdiagnosed As Arthropod Reaction?

03 February 2015 - 06:12 AM

A DH biopsy must be taken adjacent to an active lesion.  DH sufferers can have normal blood test results.  


What bug do the doctors think is biting you.  Do you have pets?  Because you are possibly having an allergic reaction, the status of other family members becomes a non-issue because they may not have the same allergy.  What is the most likely scenario for your situation taking out the other family members?



In Topic: Bob's Red Mill Xanthan Gum - Is It Safe?

31 January 2015 - 06:43 AM

Dear Ipellegr, Thanks for response! My son was diagnosed 31 year ago, is married with 4 children. Smart as a whip, and has a great career, ( so handsome i might add!) His wife was never taught to cook, so I try and help her along. He knows what he can eat. he does eat what he can have, but is dying for good pasta and bread. Hence my daunting task to help him. He has tried every pasta out there and hates them all, also the gluten-free breads. I made rice noodles for spagetti for him, I took a bite..YUCK!  I will figure this out somehow I hope! He was 6 when he got sick, now 37. He loved my homemade sloppy joe's, so I would put it on baked potatoes. He still eats that with potatoes to this day! I got some flax meal flour today, I have 3 different kinds of gluten-free all purpose flour. It is time t try to make a loaf of bread. Just have to find the right recipe, using one of those flours, the ground flax, and yeast. Any ideas? He would kill to get to eat a sandwich, and have some good pasta...Thanks again! ....a loving mom....


I would suggest getting the America's Test Kitchen....I can't believe it's gluten free, Cook Book.  You can get it on A.com.  Breads, rolls, pastas etc. all excellent!



In Topic: Chef That Wants To Borrow Your Shoes...i'm Taking A Walk

28 January 2015 - 04:33 PM

I always talk directly to the Kitchen Manager or Chef and then fill in the Wait Staff.  Some tips:  If getting grilled food, ask if they use seasonings and/or sauces on the grill.  Check if gluten free.  Some Chefs have offered to clean a portion of the grill while others may offer to grill on tin foil.  Always ask for baked potatoes un-cut with butter, etc. on the side (you don't want someone grabbing any knife and cutting your potato).  Check drinks for any mixes used to make the drink.  


If you want to know what it really is like to be celiac....check your medications and suppliments for gluten.  Buy a new toaster.  Buy new pans if teflon is scratched.  Throw away any wooden spoons/cutting boards.  Buy a new strainer.  Buy new plastic food storage products.  If it is pourous or scratched...it must go.  Vacuume out all your cupboards and wash them.  Same with pantry.  These are just some of the things celiac's deal with on a regular basis.  It is very difficult to trust your food prep to someone other than yourself.  This is why many celiacs do not dine out often and is why a third degree questioning is necessary and why it is necessary for staff to take you seriously, regardless of the fad dieters out there.


Good Luck :)