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In Topic: What Is The Strangest Place That You've Seen Gluten?

Today, 06:52 AM

Maybe buy your frozen vegi's from a grocery store then.



In Topic: What Is The Strangest Place That You've Seen Gluten?

Today, 06:37 AM

The only time I have seen gluten in frozen vegi's is if it has a sauce in it.  You must be careful selecting as it is getting more common for them to come in a light sauce.



In Topic: My Hair Is A Mess From Gluten-Free Conditioners!

Today, 06:33 AM

I have wavy hair. A perm would fry my hair. I don't know if it's just me, but do most celiacs suffer from dry and brittle hair? 


An allergy skin prick test also showed an allergy to wheat. After I take a shower, I noticed that i sometimes get a rash on my back. So, maybe it's the wheat or gluten in the shampoo. I would love to use conditioner with gluten in it since it conditions much better. However, I have been dealing with hair loss. Maybe the gluten in shampoo/conditioner has been contributing to it. A doctor told me that she read studies that showed gluten shampoo/conditioner made hair fall out in celiacs. That's why I stopped using it.



Gluten needs to be ingested to effect a Celiac.  A wheat allergy is completely different.  The only way shampoo or conditioner could effect a Celiac is if you swallow it.  The biggest contributor to hair falling out I know is either thyroid disease or malnutrition.



In Topic: How To Wait & Not Be Miserable

Today, 06:09 AM

So glad you know about CBT and it worked.  Do try the others.  For bineural beats.  There are apps you can find and make sure you use stereo head phones.  



In Topic: Amneal Tramadol

Yesterday, 03:29 PM

I have used Tramodol off and on for over 5 or 6 years.  No problem with it.