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In Topic: Can Somebody Confirm Something For Me

Yesterday, 06:05 AM

That is a "Headline Grabber" and it's all done to get you scared and buy their products to "save your life".  It's very irresponsible.  The Gluten Free Diet puts Celiac in Remission once the gut is healed.  You do not continue to damage the body for your whole life.  That's not to say that you'll never get any diseases or conditions through your life.  7 years undiagnosed is around the average.  Some of us went 15 to 20 years undiagnosed and have permanent damage from Celiac and problems stemming from Celiac that we deal with for life.  


Don't be scared Hun.  Eat cleanly and you'll be fine.  I'm so glad you wanted us to look at that link.  I hate when sites try and scare people.  



In Topic: How Long Do Your Neuro Symptoms Last After Glutening?

Yesterday, 05:51 AM

I think I must accept that two years after giving up gluten some of my tingles and buzzes are here to stay.  However, someone offered me a gluten free cookie the other day which was, alas, nothing of the sort.  About two days latter my face was twitching and buzzing.  Now it feels stiff  but now my tongue feels slightly tingly.   Does anyone know how long it takes for neuro symptoms to settle after glutening - is there a typical time frame?   I ate the cookie just over a  week ago. It seems to me that my neuro symptoms get worse after glutening the longer I am gluten free, and yet my gut seems to hardly notice.


How long do your typical gluten symptoms last?  It should be about the same for this one.  I don't get the severe gut pain now after gluten, it's much more bearable.  I believe it's because the villi (damage) has healed, but I still get many other symptoms including neural.  Any AI flare, for me, now lasts around two months only because 1 AI sets off my others so many more things have to get settled down to my new level of discomfort.  


Yes, after two years your tingles are likely to stay....your new normal.  Would you have accepted that cookie when newly diagnosed?  Don't slack on your protocols for offered food.  I know it's easy to become complacent, it's happened to me before.


Hang in there Cristiana  :D

In Topic: Anti-Depressants!

21 May 2015 - 03:08 PM

These are the inactive ingredients in Fluoxetine (Generic Prozac).  Looks OK to me.

In Topic: Top Bar Not Working Correctly

21 May 2015 - 01:57 AM

Will make sure Admin see's the error type.  Thank's for including that.

In Topic: Vitamin Supplements

21 May 2015 - 01:55 AM

At your age, you don't need any supplements if you have a healthy diet.  Only supplement if Physician run blood tests show a deficiency.  



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