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Great Experience On Celebrity Cruises..

09 August 2013 - 08:40 PM

Hello everyone!

    I haven't been active in a while - very busy with my wedding plans, school, etc.  Now that it's all done I wanted to share my surprisingly fantastic experience on a Celebrity Cruise.  For our honeymoon, we booked a cruise through Celebrity for 12 nights in the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Spain, etc).  Needless to say, I was absolutely terrified about eating and getting sick.  I dreaded the thought of being stuck in the bathroom for days when I should be enjoying my honeymoon with my new husband.  After calling the customer service line multiple times to confirm over and over again that the cruise line was aware that I had Celiac and needed to be on a very strict diet, I took a deep breath, boarded the ship, and waited to see what happened.  I couldn't be more surprised...

    Every single staff member new what "Celiac" and "gluten free" meant, even the ones that had some difficulty speaking English.  I never had a single problem finding food, even at the buffet where I thought I would have mini heart attacks every time I passed through there.  I was able to go to the Pizza Station in the all-day buffet and request a gluten free pizza.  A staff member would call for a gluten free crust to be brought up to the kitchen, staff changed their gloves, and they would make me any kind of pizza I wanted on a separate section of the oven reserved for gluten free items.  Same with the Pasta Station - they actually knew to boil new water for me and my gluten free pasta in a separate pot (trust me, I watched).  Every staff member was able to help me pick out gluten free items at the buffet (I know, we all cringe when we hear buffet, but it was a cruise with mostly adults and people were really good about keeping the spoons separate)   

    At dinner in the main dining hall, there was always warm toasted gluten free bread waiting for me each night.  Again, the staff were extremely knowledgeable about gluten-free food.  They had each item on the menu labeled to tell if you if it was gluten free, dairy free, nut free, or "no extra sugar added."  Regardless, they knew I had Celiac and made sure that my food was not cross contaminated.  I got to order my meal in advance to make sure that it was able to be prepared gluten free.  The food supervisor would come to my table each night with the next day's menu and would directly take my order.  

   I was even surprised that the specialty restaurants were able to accommodate me - the Asian restaurant was able to provide me with gluten free Pad Thai food with Asian fried rice with gluten free soy sauce.  The Italian restaurant made me fresh gluten free bread - it was so good that I actually had to ask the waiter to check to make sure it was gluten free.  They even had gluten free croutons for my salad.

   By day 2 I was incredibly comfortable and actually ate better on the cruise than I ever did at home (the extra 5 pounds I put on is proof of that!).  I WILL be sailing with Celebrity again because of this experience.  I wanted to share to let everyone know that you can have a good experience on a cruise!     



Finally Some Excellent News...

14 March 2013 - 05:06 PM

Finally some good news - after an unexpected, shocker diagnosis on May 3, 2012, many dietitian appointments, 2 endoscopies, 1 colonoscopy, 1 capsule test, and a partridge in a pear tree later, I finally got the news from my GI doc that my TTG levels are within normal range and an intestinal biopsy confirmed that my villi have returned back to normal!!!  The good news seems surreal after so many bumps in the road...


I didnt write this to brag - rather to lend some support to those of you who may be struggling or thinking that things cant get better.  It hasn't been easy - and this is coming from a girl who lived off of chicken fingers, pizza, and macaroni and cheese for most of her life.  Yes, I had to change most of my lifestyle habits, and yes, there have been many accidental slip-ups, tears, and feelings of anger/frustration along the way.  But it DOES get better....thanks to everyone on this forum who have listened to me vent, provided support when I needed it, and helped me get on the road to being healthy.  I'll be sure to continue to return the favor where ever possible!! 

Stupid Mistake - I Should Know Better By Now..

26 December 2012 - 12:09 AM

So I came on here to vent because most of my family can't (not that that they don't try to) understand what this is like. I'm 7 1/2 months into my gluten free lifestyle and I was over my future mother-in-law's house for Christmas today. She is wonderful and did everything in her power to make sure that the Christmas dinner was gluten free. At the end of the night she handed me a bag of home made snickerdoodle cookies to take back to my family and prefaced by saying that one pack was gluten free (for me and my sis) and the other was not. As I was watching people open presents I happily stuck my hand into the bag and pulled out a cookie. I was almost done with it when I realized that I had chosen a cookie from the gluten pack, and not the gluten free. Obviously panicked, I ran to the bathroom and spit out any trace that was still left in my mouth but the damage had been done - and I had tickets reserved and paid for to see Les Miserables later tonight. I had been waiting for this movie to come out for months and there was NO way that I would miss it now. Half way through the movie I was bloated to no end and the pain started. This is the first time since going gluten free that I had out right eaten gluten besides accidental trace amounts along the way.

I know I shouldn't continue to beat myself up about this - we all make mistakes right? But this was a huge mistake. I cant stop smacking myself in the head and saying "how could I have done that?" It was a rookie mistake and I'm so embarrassed inside. Now I'm timing all my symptoms so I can actually learn something from this. The heating pad is warming up now and the bottles of water are being chugged. I hope that tomorrow shows some signs of relief. At least Les Miserables was worth it... :)

Thanks for letting me vent....you guys are all awesome! Happy gluten-free Holidays to all!!!