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Member Since 18 May 2012
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gluten-free Options In Gluten-Using Restaurants

04 October 2012 - 04:44 PM

With all the talk of cross-contamination on here, am I right in assuming that gluten free options in an otherwise glutonous restaurant are out? Because of cross contamination. Gluten free burger bun option, gluten free pizza base option in the fast food chains and just gluten free options at other places. Even at a breakfast joint, if they offer gluten free bread - how do we know if they are being careful with chopping board, toaster, knife etc.
I cook mostly at home but it's nice to go out and be social now and then.

I Have Colitis So How Can I Know High Ttg Iga Is Celiac?

18 May 2012 - 03:10 AM

Hi just wanted to ask advice as there look to be some very knowledgeable people here. My story is a bit long sorry in advance!
Jan 2007 Big flare of Ulcerative Colitis lands me in hospital. While there, blood tests come in that show positive for Celiac. I don't have exactly what was tested. I was put on a gluten free diet. It seemed to make some sense to me.
Feb 2007 I have a gastroscopy which comes back negative. I am told after all, I don't have Celiac. (looking back and after further research I don't think the conditions can have been correct. I only reintroduced the gluten for a few weeks before the test. However, I had not yet been gluten free for six months either but I had been so ill that we are talking nothing left in the system. I go back to eating wheat.
2009 Not feeling well (brain fog, depression, anxiety, UC symptoms, fatigue, groggy etc) I go gluten free - I 'think' I feel better but not completely.
mid 210 Wanting more wellbeing I go on the SCD (grain free, lactose free etc). Again, some benefits, but not miraculous.
mid 2011 - somehow after almost three years gluten free I go back to wheat and other grains.

Now eight months on, I'm feeling quite unwell again (general lack of energy, wellbeing etc) and have had a big bout of depression/brain fog/cognitive slow-down. So, my doctor has tested blood for celiac again. My TTg IGA AB is over 300. Apparently it's supposed to be under 15. But I've read this can be elevated because of Ulcerative Colitis and although I'm not flaring, I do have this disease and maybe I just constantly have elevated antibodies.

I'm not sure what to do...

* Shall I just do gluten free 'in case' I'm celiac (I think there may be gains for my asthma too and I could assume I'm just intolerant rather than celiac)
* Or is it important to really 'know' if I'm celiac or not - should I ask for another gastroscopy.
* Or can I assume the TTg IGA is down to colitis and not worry about gluten - the other antibodies tested came back normal. I've never lost weight or those kind of symptoms.

Really confused, it seems like this is a very hard disease to categorically diagnose.

Any advise or ideas about how to proceed, discover if I am celiac, hugely welcome.

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