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In Topic: Probioticsor Probiotic Yogurt?

09 June 2012 - 10:28 AM

I've been wanting to use one for a while. I wasn't sure if any of the probiotic yogurts were gluten free so I tried one in pill form. Unfortunately, it gave me stomache aches! NOT cool! Has this happened to anyone else? Do you use one of the yogurts? I can tolerate yogurt, so that would be a better choice for me.

I just tried La Yogurt Probiotic which is gluten free. Had four of them in the past week. Today had an issue in the bathroom. It takes me along time to digest and since going gluten free I have issues not visiting the bathroom enough, so I thought the yogurt would help, now I am not sure after today with a stomach ache and a run to the bathroom;

In Topic: Not Diagnosed For Celiac Yet.

23 May 2012 - 06:53 AM

Yes, if you are going to go for an endoscopy I echo Sylvia, DO NOT stop eating gluten yet. In the absence of gluten the body starts to heal and your test could well come up negative by then. Use this time to learn what you will have to do once you have had the endoscopy. Start cleaning out your pantry, etc., but keep eating gluten.

Welcome, Nonna! Since you are scheduled for an endoscopy in early July, you need to keep eating gluten until that is done so while you may want to educate yourself, don't go gluten-free just yet or you're liable to have negative results even though you may indeed have celiac. I actually went gluten-free the day of my endoscopy as it was clear to me that I had celiac.

A number of people on the forum have problems with soy.

We are all different so it's impossible to tell you how long it may take you to feel better. Some people notice improvement very quickly and others take much longer. I wish I had an answer for you.

Thanks for your input, although I am feeling a bit better without the gluten and finding it hard to go back before my colonoscopy/endoscopy, don't want to feel sick again. Had my blood test today maybe the panel will show something. Also new arrival of only one hive on my wrist, very strange. My test are not being done till July 2nd, trying to move up but they have not openings, my luck.

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