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Member Since 21 May 2012
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#894537 Silent Celiac: Newbie Question

Posted by on 03 November 2013 - 07:57 PM

Hi Lovelrning,


I have Silent celiac.  I have been gluten-free since 5/21/2012.  To this day I have not had a gastro symptom.  The few times I have been glutened I experienced pain in my feet and legs which I had frequently before going gluten-free.  I know it's crazy!   People with neurological problems also will have joint pain, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and a few other symptoms.

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#876027 What Causes Neurological Symptoms

Posted by on 22 June 2013 - 02:46 PM



I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 5/21/2012.  I have to say I was on the verge of being seriously ill.  All my symptoms were neurological.  I could not stand in one spot for very long and I could not do without water for more that 30 minutes.  My legs hurt, I kept getting dizzy, and I had a headache everyday although not very painful.  I still don't understand the water thing. My PCP had me go se a neurologist that ordered $3,000 worth of blood test.  Of course she put her money on hypoglycemia.  The results were positive celiac panel and very low B12(184).  The Dr. gave me a B12 shot that afternoon and I quit eating gluten that day.  The next morning I felt fantastic.  No headache, no leg pain, and no dizziness.  I now take 1,000mcg of B12 everyday.  I had blood work at the beginning of May which showed my B12 at 896 (normal range).


I have never had any gastrointestinal problems.  The only time I know for sure that I have been glutened my feet hurt for a couple of days. 


You should look up the symptoms of low B12, they are pretty scary.  You should also have your Dr. do a Celiac Panel to see if you have celiac disease.  I was fortunate that my celiac disease showed up in my blood work because the GI Dr. I went to decided the only other test I needed was the celiac disease DNA test, which of course showed that I have the celiac disease gene.  Keep reading the discussions in this forum there is a lot of helpful information.


Good Luck

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#858098 Just Diagnosed. "no" Symptoms. What Do I Do?

Posted by on 11 March 2013 - 06:55 PM



I would like to say that I thought I had no symptoms. Then I noticed the dull headaches disappeared, then the pain in my feet and legs went away.  I have never had digestive problems.   I can understand your concern about eating out, I think this is the hardest part. The best thing would be to do what Kareng says, but you will have to ask about gluten-free options at some point.  I hate having to ask about gluten-free menu because I feel the staff will think I'm being difficult, but we have to get passed this.  This is our health we are dealing with.


Good Luck!

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