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In Topic: Goya Canned Beans

05 June 2013 - 06:37 PM

I am guessing instead of FWIW she meant to say, so far.

I sometimes make mistakes in speaking and when questioned have said "Listen to what I mean and not what I say." :)

In Topic: Corn Sensitivity

05 June 2013 - 06:17 PM

In answer to the question,  I was not told the level of the IGE but only that it was very very high and I was referred to an allergist. The allergist said that since it caused me digestive symptoms only that it was not a true allergy but an intolerance but he did no further bloodwork on me. And so my digestive disease doctor and allergist I was sent to disagree. I had a terrible digestive disease doctor who blew you off if you tried to even talk to her or ask any questions and if you persued in trying to do so she would get annoyed at you waving her hand at you. The allergist did skin tests and breathing tests on me for outside envirormental allergies and I was put on an antihistamine nasal spray as he said I had allergic rhinitis and then he said I was done and did not have to come back. At first I was disgusted with them both but then decided it doesn't really matter whether it is called an allergy or an intolerance as long as I avoid ingesting any corn.


Corn seemed to cause the erosive gastritis, and stomach and intestinal spasms I had initially . At one time after thinking I stopped corn and was drinking a specific brand of coconut water they started adding ascorbic acid to it.  Initially it was only just coconut water and when I drank it my stomach suddenly went into spasms and I said what the heck is going on then checked the coconut water and saw they were now adding it to it. Any ingesting of corn or its derivatives causes me stomach spasming and I feel awful for several hours after that. I will really know within a very short time if I ingest any corn or corn derivative as it seems to cause problems the minute it hits my stomach.

In Topic: Pizza Sauce From Scratch

04 June 2013 - 03:07 PM

I know you are sensitive to corn to which I also am. If you could find it you might use a brand called Pomi for a fast sauce. I get it at my local Shoprite grocery store. They have chopped tomatoes, strained tomatoes and marinara sauce which comes in a 26 oz. square cardboard box container. They are from Italy and marked no artificial flavour, no perservatives, no water, no citric acid.  The front of the box says 100% from fresh Italian tomatoes.

I have purchased and use the chopped and strained tomatoes but have never seem the marinara sauce yet at the store to check the label.

I have never visited but the box lists a website at www.pomi.us.com

In Topic: Goya Canned Beans

04 June 2013 - 02:37 PM

I would think that Goya canned beans would be made with Goya dried beans. I can tell you that the Goya dried beans packages say that they may contain wheat and soybean.

In Topic: Lactose Intolerance

25 May 2013 - 06:36 PM

Perhaps you could try making your own using Lactaid Milk which is 100 % lactose free and is what I do in order to have it.

You would need a yogurt maker, and a strainer. There is a strainer called Euro-Cuisine which sells for about $25 and makes Greek style yogurt. As for yogurt makers there are many various ones available to suit personal needs such as making a large quantity at once or making several smaller servings in little jars.

Lactose intolerance levels supposely change over time so it is hard to know exactly how much lactose a person can tolerate at different times in life. My lactose intolerance has worsened but my younger brothers seem to lessen allowing them to eat things they couldn't before. I did have a lactose intolerance test a few years ago in which the lactose intolerance level readin is 20 and mine was 156 so I have to avoid all lactose.