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Member Since 03 Jun 2012
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#844857 Hidden Gluten In Processed Food?how Do I Spot It, Or Is It A Myth?

Posted by on 24 December 2012 - 03:32 PM

My digestive disease doctor didn't know about any connection between oatmeal and wheat either. Until you can get some glutenfree oats there are substitutes for hot cereal...for a similar consistency to oatmeal you might try Kasha which is roasted Buckwheat Groats or else Cream of Buckwheat (don't be intimidated by the name since buckwheat is actually a fruit and you should see the words glutenfree on the boxes). I am a big fan of quinoa flakes as a hot cereal which also should say glutenfree on the box...for a thicker consistency add less water to it but it does thicken up quite a bit on standing with the water amount recommendation on the box.

In regards to hidden barley there is a product called Rice Dream milk which uses a barley enzyme and doesn't mention it on the containers. You wouldn't know it because it says Gluten Free on it, and the ingredient involving use of the barley in it is partially milled brown rice. The company says they extract the barley and test but barley testing can supposedly be very inaccurate. I suggest you never use this product as I have heard of quite a few people (including myself) having reactions to it.

Best to read everything on all packages. Quite a few times I checked all the ingredients while in the store then got home and later saw some little small writing on it that says processed on equipment which also processes wheat.
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#843902 Omission Gluten Free Beer W/ Barley Review

Posted by on 18 December 2012 - 06:02 PM

When I was researching Rice Dream rice milk which also uses a barley enzyme which they say they extract I found several reports about barley testing being unreliable and grossly underestimating the actual level of the barley protein remaining.
To me the extraction process of barley is a moot point when there is no reliable way to test for its presence anyway. Please don't ingest any product that says it uses a barley enzyme and extracts it. Perhaps it may be safe for some but not for others and so don't take that chance.
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#842837 Worried About Starvation

Posted by on 13 December 2012 - 04:26 PM

You have just been told you have Celiacs and it is perfectly normal and natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious. You are under a doctors care and you have bloodwork results coming back. Understandable too that you were so surprised (overwhelmed) that you didn't get to ask questions of the doctor. For now try to just keep calm and carry on. :) And there are many supportive and understanding people on this board who will try to be of assistance and help to you.

What else do you like to eat? Do you currently have any other dietary restrictions or foods you can't eat besides those related to Celiacs and having to be gluten free?
I posted about what I do to give you some suggestions and hopefully you will get your own ideas on how to manage eating enough. And sometimes eating small amounts at a time can help stimulate your appetite. I am thinking it is a little difficult for you to think straight right now but it will improve.
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#824037 Glutened By Vapors

Posted by on 17 September 2012 - 06:25 PM

Chopper...Please don't be upset or take offense. I think the use of the terms psychosomatic and psychological were perhaps not the best to use. And I think what they are really trying to say is that gluten has not actually entered your body. However considering the definition I found of psychosomatic I can understand why one might be upset.

Psychosomatic...bodily ailment or symptom caused by mental or emotional disturbance in which psychological stresses adversely affect physiological (somatic) functioning to the point of distress. Psychosomatic disorders include hypertension, respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disturbances, migraine and tension headaches, sexual dysfunction and dermatitis. Many patients with psychosomatic conditions respond to a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy.

I would like to draw on my many years of being a nurse to say what I think may have happened. Your body perceived the presence of what has become a harmful substance to it, and it reacted. In other words your body reacted as if it had been glutened even though gluten did not acutally enter your body. This is not in your mind it has more to do with a complex system of sensory neurons. As to what was the stimuli that caused your body to react this way it could have been the vapors. But something did cause your body to detect a presence of gluten or wheat and so it reacted. The body can really be a difficult thing to understand at times.

I am sure no one here meant to upset you or deny your symptoms. They are just trying to provide correct information regarding Celiacs and/or gluten sensitivity.
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#805030 Help

Posted by on 20 June 2012 - 01:29 PM

As someone sensitive to corn the only dry cereal I can eat is one I get at a natural market which is only rice...similar to rice krispies but pretty tastless. For hot cereals try buckwheat or quinoa flakes. You have to be very careful about dry cereals...I cannot eat Rice Chex because they have Vitamin E added which is made from corn, and molasses added which unless you known the source may contain corn syrup. Brown rice syrup is also a suspect ingredient in cereals because it may contain corn syrup.

I had spasms also and erosive gastritis from corn. I suggest you visit a site called livecornfree.com to see a list of things made from corn. There are so many I could not even list them here. But to tell you quickly and from the mistakes I made I will list a few...citric acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Honey (bees are sometimes fed high fructose corn syrup and it can be in the honey) ferrous gluconate (this is encountered in canned black olives), Iodized salt, artificial and natural flavors, caramel coloring, lactic acid, enriched white rice (it is enriched by spraying it with a corn ingredient).

A big hug from me about having to also be cornfree as you will feel like you can't eat anything. I know there are a few others here who can't have corn also so know you are not alone. :)
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#800452 Can't Put On Weight

Posted by on 03 June 2012 - 07:33 PM

Hi back to you.
I have intestinal damage due to wheat and am too thin and underweight. Doctor has said "It is just going to be some time before you will gain it back."

Aside from being tired of people commenting on how thin I was, I wanted to gain weight because my clothes were too big and baggy and I didn't want to buy new clothes. My new diet of wheat corn soy and lactose free plus having to eat organic was expensive enough already.

So I added in calories by eating rice milk ice cream I made, and almond butter on wheat-free bread I made. All I ended up doing was overloading my digestive system and feeling worse and then losing the weight I gained from eating those things. I think I put more into my digestive system than it could handle. I am not quite 2 years without wheat and am still underweight. I do remember reading it takes about 2 years for an adult to heal from Celiac Disease. So maybe we just need to be more patient about gaining weight. At worst I was 98 pounds (about 42kg if I am converting correctly). Now I stay 103 to 106 pounds (about 47 to 48 kg).
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