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In Topic: The Honeymoon Is Over

05 August 2012 - 12:07 PM

I hate to say this, but if you don't find any other answers, you may want to take a look at the gluten free communion host. I am assuming you are Catholic, yes? The gluten free host - for the Catholic Church - is around 100ppm of gluten. That would not be considered gluten free by the standards the FDA is considering, and does not meet the gluten free standards in the UK, either (which are <20 ppm).

It IS a very small amount of gluten, because it's only the small communion wafer, but that can still cause problems for some people (Biagi F, Campanella J, Martucci S, et al. A milligram of gluten a day keeps the mucosal recovery away: A case report: Nutr Rev. 2004;62(9):360-363 ).

I've heard that some folks in this situation spoke to their priest and arranged to have a separate small cup of consecrated wine put aside for them, so it wasn't contaminated by the sharing.

Thank you for the tips. I'm Episcopalian, not Catholic, often referred to as Catholic Lite, we do have communion every Sunday. I spoke with my priest today and the wafers she got for me were rice flour no gluten, Episcopalian's don't have that no wheat means it's not communion issue I've heard Catholics say. I skipped the wine again and we talked about it. I'm going to just keep skipping for now and in a few months we'll talk about getting my own cup as you mentioned. I'm going to check out that book you sited.

In Topic: The Honeymoon Is Over

03 August 2012 - 08:49 AM

I will share my favorite mantra, learned here....
keep a food diary.

When I quit gluten, I munched popcorn and corn chips, thinking this would be simple to live without gluten.

For your health, please look deeper into what you might be reacting to, and don't just assume its gluten.

This theme keeps coming up for me, I kept a sleep journal during the worst parts to be more clear with my doctor about the insomnia and what specifically was causing me to wake up 5-6 times a night and which supplements/meds seemed to help. I have been thinking the same thing, no gluten, piece of cake. We already eat an organic whole foods diet and my local Co-Op is the most Gluten Free friendly place to shop with every gluten free item labeled on the shelf with a gluten free tag and every product thoroughly researched before it receives that label. And if there is a question they will research it right there at customer service and get you your answer. I have gone into this already spoiled by the ease of cutting out the gluten, I'm afraid it could be something else. That would be more difficult and involve more research and leg work on my part *sigh*. I'm not normally a lazy person but yeah, this whole label reading and watching absolutely everything you eat or touch, like the shared break room kitchen at work that causes me to nearly hyperventilate when people fix there gluten food right there is draining. I have always brought leftovers from home and simply dump my food on a plate, cover and then microwave, I don't fix anything on the counters. I did skip the wine last Sunday and have felt really good all week. But a food diary to identify other possible allergies is an excellent suggestion, now I need to make myself do it.

In Topic: The Olympics

01 August 2012 - 08:56 AM

I really love the swimming, diving and gymnastics.

One of the swimmers, Dana Vollmer is Gluten Intolerant! They did a little news blurb about it after she won her gold medal.


This is the video link to the CNN story. I thought it was really cool. Gives me hope I might be able to run again some day.

In Topic: The Honeymoon Is Over

23 July 2012 - 02:51 PM

He made them, you handled them and waited until you got home to wash your hands?

My guess is during that time, you probably touched your face approximately 20 times and did not even realize it.

Did your son eat those too? Did he give you hugs and kisses?

CC happens so easily.

If you are gluten-free, your home is gluten-free and everything else at the party is gluten-free, then all it takes if those gluten sandwiches to undo it all.

We were at the beach so I had my hubby pour water over my hands so I could clean them as best I could. When we got home I took my son straight to the shower for de-sanding and I do not recall any hugs or kisses before the shower. My hubby gave me "a talking to" after I handed out the sandwiches. He did the first round and was busy when I got asked for seconds.

It is entirely possible that is part of why I feel crummy today.

In Topic: The Honeymoon Is Over

23 July 2012 - 02:41 PM

Sit up front and ask the priest to let you take the communion wine FIRST or refrain from it altogether.

I do get served first after my priest and the acolyte, my priest has been wonderful, her dear friend and fellow priest is a Celiac so she immediately spoke to her about how to handle my communion, there's a laminate step by step instruction on how to avoid cc with my wafers posted in the Sacristy. It's the ceremony part where she breaks the wafer, I'm concerned crumbs end up in the wine and I dip instead of drink to "minimize" potential exposure. I'm still going to pass next week and see if I feel better on Sundays, it's also my errand/shopping day and I do the most physically demanding things that day. I may just be wearing myself out on Sundays and feel oogggyy come Monday.

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