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In Topic: Arsenic In Rice?

01 October 2012 - 02:57 PM

More info here: http://www.motherjon...arsenic-my-rice
As someone pointed out earlier and according to this article, the problem isn't rice in general, but rice in the USA that's the problem. It's basically grown in the South and California.
You might want to check/email/call where manufacturers get their rice from (and then post here!)

In Topic: SoCal Ped GI's

02 September 2012 - 07:47 PM

I realized that I hadn't updated here. Emma had her endoscopy in late July. The results came back less than a week later -- she is definitely celiac. She has gained 3 pounds this last month+!! (This is after not gaining anything this last year) She has also measurably grown too (but I can't remember by how much). I am so thrilled for her (though she's heavier now and harder to carry -- didn't expect so much growth so fast!) I feel badly that we were giving her food that was hurting her :(
My son tested weakly positive on the TTG part of the labs and based on some symptoms for him (not as clear as Em) and the fact that Em is positive Ian will get biopsied soon. My labs were negative and I don't really have any symptoms. My husband has some regular acid/heartburn symptoms and I've been begging him to contact his doctor to get labwork done. If he turns out positive we will definitely try and see Dr. Harmon.
Thank you for your care and concern. It feels like a steep learning curve -- but we are getting there -- and trying to avoid cc. (we are getting better at that)

In Topic: Going Back To The Doctor

02 September 2012 - 07:24 PM

Just remember that if the blood tests being ordered include a celiac panel, that you need to be consuming glutton for some period of time for the blood test (or an endoscopy) to be valid.

In Topic: Exclusive Breastfeeding For 12 Months?

21 June 2012 - 10:39 AM

My kids both nursed till they were 4, and were delayed in eating solid foods. We are currently pursuing a celiac diagnosis for my daughter, but I'd be willing to bet that the reason she's doing so well despite her very high lab #'s is the protective benefits that nursing provides. WTG to your mom!!

In Topic: 5 Year Old -- Does She Need A Biopsy?

20 June 2012 - 02:08 PM

I just wanted to update -- this is my post from my doctor thread.

Ok we had our appointment with Dr Liu at the Arcadia extension of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. First impressions: I REALLY liked him. He was kind, good presence, gentle with Em. He really listened and really answered our questions. I had printed off the stuff about the new guidelines -- he read them through and gave a thoughtful response. He talked about why he still wanted to do an endoscopy. He said that he wouldn't be surprised to see those standards become common practice in a few years -- but it's not there yet -- not all the celiac organizations have embraced and said yes this should be/will be our new standard of diagnosis. He also said that since one of the lab tests must be read by a tech, that it too can show false positives/negatives. He wasn't at all dismissive of them (like the first doctor I talked with on the phone). Endoscopy is one of his fields of expertise -- which was reassuring -- he's done a LOT. He said he would do at least 6 biopsies and do the duodenal bulb. He also referenced Dr Pietzak, and it was clear that he respected her. He also said she was a resource if a case wasn't clear. All of it really made me feel MUCH better. I fel like we are in good hands. I liked him, but more importantly I trusted him.

We will get the scope. I really thought about what different people here said -- and I was very persuaded by the idea that if we ever thought we might want an official diagnosis (scope) that NOW is the time to do it. It won't happen till mid July -- after our big trip to Canada. That does make things easier for us re traveling and being in a small town in Alberta Canada -- but we were prepared to travel gluten free with her. Thankfully she has not been miserable -- stools are much looser again and regular bouts of hives -- but she's still herself -- so I feel much better. I was kind of emotional after the doctor visit -- it's just a lot of energy expended thinking/worrying about it all. But I am so glad that I got a new referral to a different doctor.

Thank you again for all your hand holding. I've learned so much already. I will update again after her scope. And I'll of course be researching about scoping before the appointment. I'm assuming I would just do a search for scope or endoscopy on this sub-forum? I just want to make sure I'm prepared for it -- I think Em will be fine -- we said they use a little tube to go in her tummy and take little pictures of everything. We are trying to not make too big a deal out of it for her.

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