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Member Since 12 Jun 2012
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In Topic: Question: Do Other Ingredients Besides Gluten Matter?

Today, 09:58 AM

In general, if you recognize an ingredient without a degree in chemistry, it is probably healthier than the chemicals.  Highly processed foods should not be the basis of anyone's diet (darn it  :P).  For me, I had to cut apples pears and most dairy but other foods were fine.  Others have issues with other foods like soy or corn.  Beyond gluten, and lactose intolerance in half of all celiacs before they are healed, most foods should be fine.

In Topic: Too Fat For Dh?

Today, 09:51 AM

Listen to Squirmingitch - she is our resident expert.  She really knows her dh stuff!


I don't know as much so I'll just wish you luck on finding answers fast.... and welcome to the board.  :)

In Topic: I Gained 60 Pounds Going gluten-free - Fat And I Shouldn't Be. :(

Today, 09:49 AM

When I first went gluten-free I lost about 10 lbs without doing a thing because of the inflammation departing.  I got down to about 150lbs, which for a large framed 5'8" woman, isn't bad.


Then about a year and a half ago I started gaining weight. I blamed it on the corticosteroids I had started but it continued after I stopped taking them.  My guess is that my gut was healed and I was absorbing a LOT more than I used to.  I put on 30 lbs in a year and a half.


I have problems with sugars and carbs, so when I cut calories I was starving and then I would eat more carbs again.  I would lose 5 lbs and then regain 6lbs.  It didn't work for me.  Plus I suspect the sugars are not helping my other autoimmune problems and arthritis - I am hoping cutting out carbs and sugars will help cut inflammation.


I am currently experimenting with a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet and that seems to be doing the trick, although I have only been on it for just under a month, and of that time, I have only gotten quite restrictive of my everyday carbs for about 10 days.  I am basically following a ketogenic diet now and the weight is falling off fast (gotta love those first few weeks).  In the last 10 days I've lost about 7 lbs, and my calorie count is between 1400 and 2200, depending on how hungry I am.


Yesterday I ate

breakfast: 3 slices bacon, 2 fried eggs, coffee with 1/4 coconut cream

snack: coffee with 1/4c coconut cream

lunch: salmon patty with Tbsp of tzatziki, 2 stalks celery

dinner: chicken sausage, 1 small avacado, 1 celery

snack: 1tbsp krisda chocolate chips (uses xylitol), 1 Tbsp shredded coconut, and (embarrassingly) about 1/2 macadamia nuts... I was still hungry.


I was down over 0.5lb from the day before... Go figure.


Since the amount you are eating isn't the issue, perhaps the problem for your body is what you are eating.  Maybe eating low carb (below 50g carbs per day) would work for you too?  I know it isn't for everyone but, once I got past the withdrawal stage, it worked for me.


Best wishes.

In Topic: Ketogenic Diet Anyone Tried It ?

Today, 09:15 AM

A bunch of studies came out a while ago (a few months back) about how breastfeeding does not protect against celiac disease.  Apparently that was a myth that they think they have debunked.  I think the only way BF'ing protects against celiac disease is that the baby is not given formula that could have wheat in it.


Plus, it is thought , by some, that gluten may pass into breast milk which can start the celiac disease reaction in very young infants.


For other conditions, I think BF'ing is helpful, so be glad that you gave them that.  :)  You probably did do everything right - this is just the luck of the draw.


Let us know how it goes with the doctor.

In Topic: Brown Urine

Today, 09:07 AM

Ditto.  Good luck.  Let us know what happens.

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