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Shingles? Anyone Had It?

29 August 2015 - 12:34 PM

About 10 days ago, or so, I developed a rash patch on my ribs, about 1-2" high and 2-3" long on my ribs below the bra line, and another smaller patch, about half the size, about 6" further towards my back. They look like a bunch of mosquito bites surrounded in a red patch. At first I thought was a weird reaction to a spider bite or something.  It was itchy and a bit sore - no biggie. I ignored it and went camping for a week, and now it is worse.  In fact the mosquito bites I did get while camping have already faded quite a bit in comparison to this rash.


 It is purply red, a bit bigger, and very tender like a burn would be but not heat sensitive.  It's sore to lie on but I need to sleep on that side due to arthritic pan on the other.  Even clothing brushing it makes it a bit sore. The tender area extends a few inches out past the red area - kind odd.  I wouldn't DARE to scratch it now.  It is also a bit crusty on top like it is scabbing a bit.


It occurred to me yesterday that this could be shingles!  I had chicken pox (three bloody times) as a child so it could be possible... but I feel too young for it!  Anyone had shingles before?  What do you think?


I may go to the doctor about it on Monday, although the stubborn part of me says going to the doctor for a rash is a waste of time.  LOL It IS bothering me a bit though.


Any comments are welcome.  I'm hoping I'm wrong because I have three boys who haven't had chicken pox... yet.



Arthritis Flare-Ups

15 June 2015 - 08:22 PM

I had arthralgias for about 15 years when I was an undiagnosed celiac. It was caused by celiac disease.  It would begin with fatigue, flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, and then my hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows (all symmetrical) would get very sore to move, and weak.  Holding books hurt, brushing teeth was tricky, and getting my arm up to blow dry my hair was a problem.  It would last for a few weeks or months and then be gone. Poof!  It never left behind pain. Ever.  The worst I had was regaining my range of motion and strength after favoring it for weeks.  The joint was never left with damage


The arthritis I've had lately is not like that.  It leaves behind pain that doesn't go.  It's osetoarthritis but I want to know is this is how it usually goes with OA.  I'm only 41 with multiple AI problems so I want to hear from you all if this sounds about normal since I don't trust doctors much anymore.  LOL I want to make sure this is OA and not another AI issue.


I've complained about my hips to you all before.  About 2 years ago they stared to suddenly lock up and crack with a lot of pain.  It would hurt to get them going after sitting and rest, and when I moved wrong the shooting pain would sap the strength out of my legs and I would stumble.  It started out quite bad and then got a bit better when I went on corticosteroids for another issue.  I assumed it was getting better but when I stopped the steroids a year later it came roaring back.  I eventually got myself to the doctor and got x-rays done.  It is (mild) osteoarthritis with a normal spacing but the bone growths/spurs are there.


The hip pain will come and go somewhat. Every time it departs my hips are a bit worse.  I never seem to get back to where I was.  And now my knees have started up too....


I've never had great knees.  I blew the right one in my teens and had it reconstructed.  They've both been making griinding sounds since my 20's but they didn't hurt unless I did too much like run 20km or go up and down a mountain in a day; then they would swell for a day, ache and be a bit hot.  They got slowly a bit more symptomatic over time so they would swell after a 5 km run instead of 20km. I could still play some basketball and soccer, or go for a jog (when my hips were up to it).  


It changed dramatically just over a month ago.


I was gardening for a day - nothing too strenuous.  A few days later I was kneeling for an hour to help my son's with some history projects (which they won in the city - gotta slip in some bragging).  No biggie.  The next day (or 2-3 days later - can't quite remember) my knees were swollen and stiff.  A day or so later they became quite painful. Both of them.  They hurt to rest or to move after rest.  The pain would radiate up and down my leg on the outside, and it hurt on the inside when I lay on one side.  They've stayed swollen for a good month. although not always hot.


Then my left knee (the uninjured one) became worse after a few weeks.  It feels as though there are loose pieces floating in it and getting in the joint.  A lot of pain in the back of the knee and the outer side.  Ow.  It was very bad for about 2 weeks. The type of pain where you can't sit still with it, or it keeps you up at night, and I can usually sleep through migraines and labor. LOL If I moved the wrong way it would take my breath away and I could feel my blood pressure drop.  Super annoying and inconvenient because I was coaching two sports at the time.


The extreme pain has been subsiding for a week now but my knee feels MUCH worse than it used to.  It cracks and locks, and it feels like there is stuff floating in the joint.  Plus it is still a bit swollen - not usually noticeably so but it can be felt.  I had an x-ray done but haven't heard back yet.


So... is this normal arthritis?  Is this how knee arthritis, or hip arthritis, usually presents?  The arthralgias I had from celiac disease were so different from what I have now, and I have to admit that I'm worried about how fast this recent stuff is progressing.  Does it go from nothing to affecting walking, and getting up or down, so quickly?  All within months, or a year or so? I'd love to hear others' experiences - just rying to figure out where I stand in this.


Thanks all. :)


24 May 2015 - 08:43 AM

After that recent discovery (by Green) that some probiotics contain gluten, even when claiming to be gluten-free, I was wondering if anyone had found the "safe" list or contaminated list of probiotics?  I keep seeing that a good chunk of them have gluten but I never see WHICH probiotics to avoid.  :rolleyes:

Shrinking Thyroid

17 April 2015 - 02:48 PM

Anyone else have a shrinking thyroid?  I had and ultrasound about 2 years ago that showed and abnormal thyroid, but in a normal abnormal sort of way.  I recently had a second scan which showed typical abnormalities again, but this time it also indicated that my thyroid was atrophying.... Well, at least one part of me is shrinking.  LOL


My first thought was that maybe it was being caused by my natural desiccated thyroid medication.  Maybe I am medicating myself so well (my TSH is suppressed) that my thyroid started to shrink?  I did some quick searches and that doesn't seem to happen.


Then I stumbled upon Ord's thyroiditis.  It's basically the same as Hashi's, just less common, and does the opposite of causing goitres.  Still hypothyroidism.  


Anyone else have an atrophying thyroid?

Labs After 3 Years gluten-free

16 April 2015 - 06:02 PM

I had some labs done, and after being gluten-free for 3 years, some things are changing.


My tTG IgA is very normal!  Yeah!  It was still abnormal at about a year gluten-free, so I was wondering it it was down yet.  It was a 4 with a normal range of 0-14.9 (used to be 0-20).  I have this disease firmly under control!  Woohoo!   :D


Vitamin A, which was always borderline low to low with vitamins and injections is.... stlll borderline low at 1.5 (1.5-3.5).  Absolutely no change and I have stopped worrying about it.  Nothing changes that one.


My cholesterol went up! It used to be borderline low and my triglycerides were below normal.  Now, my triglycerides are a low normal and the cholesterol is more average.  I figured that one would go up.  Now I KNOW it had nothing to do with how well l  ate.  LOL


My blood glucose is normal, though still higher than I would have liked it.  Darn sugar...


All my hormones are normal, CBC stuff is all normal.  All good.


The only abnormal is my TSH which is at 0.01 with a range of 0.20-4.00.  I take natural desiccated thyroid so my thyroid is suppressed.  Free T3 was 4.8 (3.5-6.5) and Free T4 was 12.8 (10.0-25.00).  Those two aren't as great for me.  I was feeling a tad bit off towards the hypo end of things lately, but I don't feel it is enough to increase my meds. If I lose a few, my meds will probably be better matched up to me again.  LOL Good enough for now.


So, three years in and looking good.  :)

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