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Time To Lose

26 October 2014 - 01:54 PM

I'm making myself a weight loss thread.  I need to keep myself accountable and doing it in public may help.  LOL ;)


When I first went gluten-free in June of 2012, I lost some weight.  I was mildly overweight but I carried it pretty well on my 5'8" frame. I think I was around 175-180lbs when I was diagnosed. In the first few months lost a good 15 lbs without even trying, and was a happy size 10-12.  I was eating junk too because I felt a bit deprived - my way of showing myself that I wasn't hard done by.


My weight went up and down by a few pounds over the next year but then I started on some mild steroids and my weight shifted up a tiny bit.  Then at almost 2 years gluten-free my steroid dose increased for a bit and then my doctor stopped one med cold turkey.  My weight went quickly right back up to close to 180. Yuck.


I am also guessing that this weight gain may partially due to my healing.  I think after 2 years gluten-free, my intestines are absorbing more food than before because I really have not increased my food intake that much... I think. LOL


I am weaning off the last steroid and wanting to lose a good 30 lbs.


This week I am getting rid of junk food that I would eat, taking measurements and making my plan.  I think Halloween will be a good day to cut sugar and gluten-free treats from my life. I will  make some changes!


I'll check back in here and record my progress periodically.  Any comments are always welcomed.


Halloween Candy Lists

14 October 2014 - 10:23 AM

An article with some links to list for gluten-free Halloween candy was posted in our Publicity and Publications forum that I thought I'd re-post here in case some of you didn't see it. This is largely second hand info so check the packages to be sure it is safe






These are American lists so my fellow Canadians will have to double check their labels, and be aware that American Smarties listed are the same as our Rockets, and not the wheat containing Nestle Chocolate Smarties that look like colourful M&M's.


I let my boys eat whatever safe candy they wish on Halloween and then they keep 10 candies (I allow the bags with a few items to count as one LOL) and the rest they trade in for a small coveted toy, or they take it to the local dentist who buys it back according to weight.  This way they don't feel bad when they can't eat many of their candies (we have a nut allergy in the house too).

How To Live Gluten-Free By The Onion

13 October 2014 - 09:34 AM

This is an older article written by the Onion about how to live gluten-free.  Strangely it is funny yet true....  :P





With the rise in celiac disease and widespread availability of gluten-free products, many Americans are cutting gluten from their diets in an effort to improve their overall health. Here is The Onion’s guide to avoiding wheat, barley, rye, and other glutinous foods:

  • A good way to tell if a food contains gluten is that it will emit a low, hollow sound when tapped.
  • A little amaranth or arrowroot goes a long way to making you forget what cupcakes tasted like.
  • If you’re having a tough time avoiding glutinous food, simply go out and purchase a tiny gluten-straining sieve to install in your throat, which sell for as little as $10...


Family's Attempt At gluten-free Thanksgiving

11 October 2014 - 12:31 PM

My in-laws are awesome.  My SIL will read all labels and change her menu in order to keep me safe when we come over to eat.  She normally does a great job of it and if she does make something I can't have, like a gravy, she will point it out to me so I don't get ill.


Yes, I can hear a bit of an eye roll in her voice when I double check things or when I correct something that could be contaminated but she puts in the effort, which I appreciate so very much.  That's why it was sort of funny when she seemed to forget gluten-free safety this Thanksgiving (Canada).


Her first menu change was to not cook the stuffing in the turkey.  I could hear a bit of an eye roll over the phone but she said she was happy to do that. I offered to bring a stuffing but she turned me down - we'll probably have to skip the stuffing.


A few days later I called her to find out what I could bring and I offered to bring pie.  I tend to bring desserts because most people don't know where to start for that.  Anyway, I said I'd bring pumpkin pie but she said she had some frozen pies that she would use, then she paused... I could hear her cluing in that me and my boys couldn't eat it.  LOL  I told her I'd bring pies and ice cream anyways.


Yesterday she was telling me about how she bought a new "infra-red fryer that does not use oil" too cook the turkey. I got the impression they got it because they were not stuffing the bird. Anyway, she was telling me how they were planning to cook the bird with a beer can in the butt... I almost hated to say anything!  LOL  I told her that we can't have any beer on our food but that I'd be happy to skip the bird if they were cooking it that way.  She insisted she would skip the "beer can butt" but she got off the phone pretty quick.  I think it was one menu change too many.  LOL


Dinner is tomorrow.  I'm curious to see what it will all be... I'm sure it will be awesome and hope she didn't go to too much trouble and get frazzled.  I feel like the centre of the universe when people have to change so much to accommodate us. It's just food, and I am mostly there for the family. ;) 

Wheat Glucose - I've Read It May Be Safe But It Is Difficult To Believe

14 September 2014 - 09:25 AM

My gluten-free son was offered a Menthos candy the other day and after reading the label (he's good about that) we found that it had wheat glucose in it, so he declined.  I had never seen that as an ingredient before and although I assumed it was not safe for a celiac, I have found many websites stating that it is in fact safe for celiacs - as safe as distilled alcohols one site implied.


Anyone know anything about this?


I'm inclined to skip anything that says "wheat" on it. Who needs to risk a Menthos when there are many other foods (well, junk foods) that pose no risk, but I'm still curious about it.


As a p.s., I am now seeing some sites stating that wheat maltodextrin is also safe. I've never seen it in an item, but is it really? 


Sigh. I'm getting paranoid about gluten. I can't comfortably drink gin, scotch or rye anymore. It just stresses me out and makes the drink no fun - the opposite of relaxing.  :ph34r:  I'm not hearing voices yet though, I swear...