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In Topic: Multivitamin That's Gluten-free, Dairy-free And Soy-free?

24 October 2013 - 01:37 PM

I take Vitafusion gummy vitamins. They're very specific in their labeling: "Contains no wheat (gluten), milk eggs peanuts, shellfish, or soy. The facility that manufactures this product also produces products that contain soy."


I take a multivitamin and a calcium-with-D. They also have a B complex, a B12, a C, a D without calcium, prenatal, mens' and womens' specific multis, and several other types.


The store-brand knockoffs of these that they sell a lot of places (I've seen variations on them at Meijer, Wegman's, and Target) have the same label, and appear to be exactly the same product in a different bottle, usually a few dollars cheaper. You can also get them online.

In Topic: Getting Too Comfortable

14 August 2013 - 04:29 PM

And here I was going to start buying bottled water. I will look for "tocopherol" in water from now on in water. I have never had a reaction to bottled water tho. Yesterday I was reading this thread and then did a search and I should of saved it. Because I read somewhere that flavored water could have a wheat product in it. Pretty sure it said Lemon water. Like I said wish I'd of saved it. 


Back on topic tho , yea I assumed some corn chips at this one restaurant was Gluten free, but it wasn't I kept wondering what was making me react every time I went there and then I asked. They gave me their Gluten free menu and their chips were not on it. Pffttt!! Come on really???? Corn chips!! Corn chips have Gluten!! Anyhoo I know not all corn chips do. The ones I buy do not have it. I assumed these did not.  

Regarding corn chips and gluten-free, I went to a restaurant once where their corn chips weren't gluten-free because they were made at the restaurant, and they had a shared fryer. 


Actually, that's also the source of my "best" (and by best I mean worst, LOL) gluten-free restaurant story. I ordered a meal that would normally have come with bread, and I asked them if I could get corn chips instead. They came back and told me their corn chips weren't gluten-free because of their shared fryer, so I said never mind to the chips, and just figured I'd eat my meal without them. When my food came, I had a side of chips. I said to the waiter "oh, did you find some gluten free chips?" thinking that maybe they had a bag in the kitchen for some reason, and the waiter said "no, I just thought you might want them anyway." Sigh. Other than that, the meal was fine; I didn't get sick or anything, but I won't be going back to that place any time soon.

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