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In Topic: Diagnosed In Chidhood But Not On Gluten Free Til Now

24 June 2012 - 02:08 AM

Thank you all so much for your replies.
Having accidently eating several gluten-containing crisps (chips) yesterday he has had a sore area near his stomach today.
We both feel that the diarreah and this ache are enough proof (if proof were ever needed!) to stick to the gluten free diet. We will let his doctor know he tried gluten again, and that we want his notes to clearly reflect he has celiac.

Sounds, from what I have read, that his health (energy and mental health in particular, which have been recent causes for concern) will just keep improving with the diet.

He is finding it tough, especially trying to shop for quick and easy meals. We usually cook from scratch but both work and have a toddler, so it is handy being able to get a quick healthy steam meal from the supermarket. Until now we had no idea they were so bulked out with wheat based products.... :angry:
Ah, well, we will get thenhang of it.

It is especially hard as I have no gallbladder so am on a very low fat diet. Between us we are now hell to invite for dinner......

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