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#856384 Who Is Here From Minnesota?

Posted by on 28 February 2013 - 04:16 PM

14 miles from Minnesota. Polk county, Wisconsin. About two years gluten-free.
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#843262 Dr. Arthur F. Coca Diy Pulse Testing For Allergies

Posted by on 15 December 2012 - 07:58 PM

Hello all!
Has anyone heard about Dr. Arthur F. Coca's Pulse test? Basically you record your pulse 30 minutes after eating and if it jumps more than 15 bbm over your baseline, you are having a reaction to what you ate. This may be helpful for people struggling to find foods that are bad news.

This is the Pulse Test from Dr. Arthur F. Coca 1956
" The Pulse-Dietary Technique

The technice of the new method of diagnosis is fairly simple,
and it can usually be applied without interruption of your daily
If you have a proper interest in the experiment you should
begin by carefully recording your usual diet for a period of five
to seven days, and your (one minute) pulse counts in that period
as follows:
before rising
before retiring
just before each meal and
three times, at 30 minute intervals after each meal (fourteen
counts each day).
The "before rising" count is taken in the recumbent position.
For all the other counts the posture should be consistent; that is,
always sitting or always standing.


1) If the highest count is the same each day, and if it is not
over 84, you are most likely not allergic, and the range of your
pulse from the lowest count (usually before rising) to the highest
will be not more than 16 beats--probably much less. In this case
the record should be continued for two weeks, in which all usual
and unusual foods should be included in your diet.
2) A count greater than 84, points to "food-allergy."

3) If the maximal count varies more than two beats from day
to day; for example, Monday 72, Tuesday 78, Wednesday 76,
Thursday 71, you are certainly allergic, provided there is no
4) If you are allergic to only a few foods, and if by chance
none of these was eaten with two or more successive meals the
counts after those meals may be found to remain within a range
(from the lowest count) that can be considered normal, say 8 to
14 beats.
For example, if the lowest "before rising" counts are 60 to 62,
and if on several days the high counts are 80 to 90 but on one day
the count does not exceed 74, it is most likely that no food allergens
were eaten on that day in other words, you are not allergic to any
food that you ate. In this case you restrict your diet for another day
to that list, and thereafter add one new food each day until one of them
causes the pulse to beat faster, and is thus recognized as one of your
allergens--to be avoided thereafter; and so on. This is an easy case to solve.

5) Another unusual outcome occurs in those who are allergic
to no food whatever but only to tobacco. On the days when a
smoker does not smoke, his pulse may stay within a normal
range and the allergic symptoms vanish.
More frequently the "food-allergens" are common foods that
are eaten at every meal. These keep the pulse above normal or
make it erratic. In such case it is necessary to test the different
foods singly. To do this you eat the single foods in small quantity
at about one hour intervals. "

I don't recommend anyone eats something they know is bad to do this test !

I just found this information today because I had some ranch dressing today and had a pretty bad reaction (D and runny nose) two to three hours later. So I checked my Blood pressure.
I didn't check my blood pressure until four hours after and got 120/84 96 (SYS/DIA pulse). Only my pulse seemed high but I have always only paid attention to my sys/dia numbers. So about an hour and fifteen minutes later yet I'm starting to feel better, no gluten symtoms :) and I check it again and got 112/80 109. Fourty minutes later I have 117/89 118.
From http://www.mayoclini...rt-rate/AN01906
"A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute"
Anyone have more info on average pulse rates? I have been sitting here relaxing in my chair since my first bp reading.
Before going gluten free for about six months (about a year ago) I had hypertension that I took medication for that averaged 145/95. I had to slowly stop taking it because of low blood pressure symtoms. (a sprinkle of salt on your tounge raises your bp). Since then My Doctor advised me to check my bp daily at home. It has never been over 127/85. I got myself a digital battery operated blood pressure montior for under $30. Since then I have been checking it and it stays around 115/80. I was told under 120 for me is ideal. But like I said I never paid attention to the pulse numbers but 85 seems like an average. In the last few months I have been not checking it because its always been good. But this test seems true to me so I am going to start this.

So this is getting looong, and I'm feeling ok but tired so its sleep time.
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#825486 Dehydration

Posted by on 25 September 2012 - 11:06 AM

I have dehydration problems as well and would like to second irishheart's suggestion with the salt sugar water. It has helped myself alot. My recipe is a shake of salt and one teaspoon sugar to about 20 ounces of filtered water. Also I'd like to add that I don't consume any other added salt or sugar on my diet. I also no longer have any blood pressure or blood sugar problems to worry about so I'm not worried about adding in more salt or sugar.( I still check my BP daily ) Too me this water reminds me of milk, so it shouldnt taste bad or weird, if it does add more water. I also gave up caffeine recently because coffee was simulating my bowels alot, and it seems that I would have to pee before I even set my cup down. Now I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, for the first time ever! The salt/sugar makes the water stick. Oh and since I'm taking b12 now I never even think about caffine . I'm almost two years gluten-free now and I think I've almost figured it all out with the help of this board and a few posters. I'm Med free too! ( only vitamins and ptobiotics ) Two years ago I was on a high dose of hypertension meds that barely worked, asthma inhailer that didn't help my lung function, Ppi's that didn't help and I'm only 31!
Also, I am somewhat underweight with very low fat from the years of malabsorbson and the salt sugar water makes my obnoxiously large veins on my arms dissappear.
Gluten free, dairy/casien free, msg free, caffine free, alcohol free, headache free, grumpy free ;)
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#806168 DH Photo Bank

Posted by on 24 June 2012 - 07:16 PM

dani nero -

I had the same looking rash on my hands ten years ago. Back then it spread to the sides and backs of all my fingers. I remember it itching and burning so bad I thought i'd go crazy. It took three months of calamine lotion to get rid of it. I could run pretty hot water on my hands and it seemed to make it get worse. Ever since then I might see one or two and get worried only to have them disappear. I've never thought it was connected to gluten. Thanks for pic.
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