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Member Since 25 Jun 2012
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Having Guests Over

19 November 2012 - 11:03 AM

We had a group of people over to watch football yesterday. They know about my wheat/gluten allergy and were told that they didn't need to bring any food or drinks and we would provide everything (Our house is 100% gluten free since I'm UBER sensitive. We've even switched our dogs/cats food and got rid of kitchen stuff that could have been contaminated when we moved into a new house). I knew there would be a 1-year old so i had gluten free crackers and puffy cracker things similar to what she eats at home only gluten free. When her mom went to give her crackers I asked if it was ok for me to get her gluten free ones instead. She looked at me like I had 8 heads!!! I just didn't want to run around scrubbing the whole house when the easy solution was just to have gluten free crackers. There was plenty of other stuff for the baby to eat as well (the mom was feeding her chips, chicken, dip, fruit, ect all that we had provided). The rest of the afternoon just felt so awkward.

Am I being too extreme in how gluten free we want the house to be? I just would like to have one place that is worry free where I can lick the walls if I want to without worrying about being sick, lol! Its to the point now that there are things that are marked "gluten free" but on shared equipment with wheat that i get the blistery rash, mouth sores, digestive issues, headaches, and everything else that goes with a glutening. I'm just feeling very socially awkward and like a freak. My boyfriend says if they don't understand (or tolerate) being gluten free in our home that we don't want or need to be friends with them anyways.

Everything Revolves Around Food!

22 October 2012 - 06:52 AM

It seems like my whole life revolves around food. Meetings are always planned around breakfast or lunch. I either don't eat or bring my own food. I am traveling a lot for work too so that invovles a lot of planning. We are having a lunch meeting today and they initially let me pick the place so I picked a restaurant that I know I have a lot of safe choices at. Then they decided to go somewhere else. I hate how stressed out I am about what I can eat. It's making me obsessed. I don't know how people do this that are constantly on the road, going to friends house, have lunch meetings, ect.

And it turns out that I am SUPER sensitive. Last week I ate a Zone Bar that said gluten free and within a few hours I had the rash going and by that night I had ulcers in my mouth. Now I still have the ulcers, my joints are aching, I have a headache, not to mention all the digestive distress. I couldn't figure out where I got glutened then I checked the wrapper of the "gluten free" bar and it said made on shared equipment with wheat. That was the only new thing I ate last week so it had to be from that :angry:

Every new meeting invite or trip just makes me want to sit at my desk and cry. And for the next 5 weeks there are 2 or more days a week that I'm traveling. Last week one of my consultants was actually mean about it and tried pressuring me to going to dinner with them at a place that I knew I could eat nothing. I ended up eating beef jerky from the gas station for dinner.

I'm just really frusterated at the situation and not sure what I can do to not make it so difficult and to not feel like such a burden. I haven't found an easy way to travel with food and I haven't found a lot of places that I can eat that do not make me sick. And with how much I travel I am really not willing to experiment with what is "safe".

Diet Sunkist

07 August 2012 - 04:55 AM

I bought a bottle of Diet Sunkist Orange pop and noticed that modified food starch is in the ingredients. I have been avoiding anything that says modified food starch because I really still don't understand if it's gluten free or not. I'd rather be on the safe side. I did take a drink of it so I hope it is gluten free because my reactions from being glutened have not been pretty.


16 July 2012 - 08:14 AM

I'm recent to the world of gluten free (it's been about 5-6 weeks). Keeping my weight down has been a bit of a struggle and after this last round of being sick/major life changes I've put on about 15 pounds. Right now I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around all the things that I can not eat ever again. In doing this I'm eating way more gluten free things than I should be. I was never eating bread, cookies, muffins, ect and now that's about all I'm eating. And I'm trying to justify it! My normal diet was meats, veggies, fruits, quiona, and yogurts. I'm looking so hard for gluten free foods and wanting to eat/try it all. Luckily I'm not tempted to eat anything with gluten but it seems like I'm filling a void with food. I may just be mad about the diagnosis but I need to also remember that I am feeling so much better than I have in 15 years now that I'm gluten free.

Is it normal to be almost depressed after diagnosis? How did everyone deal with it? Will my urge to stuff my face with all the processed alternatives go away here soon? My pants can't handle it much longer! :lol:


25 June 2012 - 07:11 AM

This looks like the place to introduce myself before I start posting all over the place and people are wondering who I am. My name is Amanda, 28, currently living in Houston, Texas. I do environmental work in the gas and oil industry. I got my undergrad in watershed science at colorado state and along with working full time I am getting my Masters at Texas A&M. I've got a great supportive boyfriend and we've got two dogs that are on grain-free diets because my golden retriever is allergic. I love outdoor activities like camping and hiking so I'm trying to figure out how I ended up in Houston :rolleyes:

I have had health "problems" for the last 15 years or so. As I'm sure most are familiar with I'd say the typical Celiac type symptoms. When I was 20 I was tested for Celiac, among other things, and was told by my awful doctor that I just had the most severe case of IBS he'd ever seen and I just had to deal with it. His suggestion was to take 2 immodium before every meal. I was heart broken and ended up gaining about 75 pounds by the time I was 23 and graduated college. After college I took a job in a very small mountain town and had a complete life style change. There was no fast food and everyone ate very healthy. I wanted to lose all the excess weight so unknowningly I went almost gluten free and I felt better. I lost 80 pounds and felt great. Then I got transferred to Houston about a year and a half ago. The lifestyle here is very very different. Lots of eating out and meeting for drinks. Slowly I started feeling awful again and spending more and more time in the bathroom plus I've put on about 20 pounds. I just wasn't feeling good either; tired, headaches, body hurts, crabby, mouth sores, and the weirdest mucous production that I don't even want to get into. Then a few months ago I started having awful stomach pains. I went to the doctor and after rounds and rounds of tests, poking, and prodings here I am- not 100% sure I have or don't have celiac but on a wheat/gluten free diet. It's been about 2 weeks now and I'm already noticing a difference in my bathroom habits and stomach pains. My boyfriend and I live together and he is VERY supportive. We're moving at the beginning of August and the new house will be gluten free. Over the weekend he went though the pantry and fridge to seperate all the gluten containing food out to make sure he eats it all so we don't have to trash it when we move.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to surfing the forums, learning a lot, asking questions, and getting to know you all here!

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