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In Topic: So Fed Up

19 March 2013 - 05:10 AM

I eat before I go and then just have a glass of wine.  What made a difference with my mom is when I said, "I am comfortable with it.  What I need is for you to be comfortable with it."  To the server, I say I already ate, but want to visit with my friends, so I'll just have a glass of wine.  Some extended family members have talked behind my back (is she anorexic?  do we need to to an intervention?), but if it wasn't that it would probably be something else.  It is what it is.


We're going on a 3-day trip soon and I will be packing my own food.  I've been surprised how much I can enjoy going to a restaurant without eating.  I can focus on the conversation and relax.  It's also a money saver LOL.  


Thanksgiving, Easter, whatever, I bring my own food.  (Christmas is at my house - yay!)


Printing out info on cross contamination may help.  That's what I did for my husband.

In Topic: I Dread Eating Out, Please Help

02 March 2013 - 09:07 AM

After three bad restaurant experiences while on vacation a year ago, I could not recover. I lost 15 pounds,and it has taken me the full year to gain it back. I was totally scared of restaurants. Although I had never had a bad experience at Outback, I wouldn't even eat there. I developed a fear of eating out - period! I still want to be a part of celebrations, etc., so I eat before we go and just have a glass of wine. I'm surprised at how enjoyable this can be. I pay no attention to what others are eating and can enjoy the conversation. We've done two vacations this way. I also carry cheese and pepperoni in my purse.

However, I wanted to celebrate Valentines Day and I got up the nerve to eat at Outback. I had a very good experience. The manager and server both reassured me. The meal was great and I had no repercussions.

In Topic: Blood Test Results

26 June 2012 - 04:36 PM

Wait, what??? Is this note from an MD who actually went to medical school or some flaky naturopath? It reflects a profound lack of understanding of how immunoassays work and you need to run screaming from this practitioner!!! Your tests are negative, you're doing great.

Antibody tests are almost never zero because antibodies naturally cross-react, producing some background or "noise" in the test. (This is by design because it lets your body identify viruses and bacteria you've never encountered before as potential threats.) You are comfortably below the 11 U/mL the lab has identified as a positive result, meaning that they cannot tell your blood test from that of a normal person who has no gluten issues at all.

Thank you so much. I feel so much better knowing I'm not doing something wrong and that my hard work has paid off. Yes, he's an MD, but a general practitioner. Celiac is not his specialty. Guess I'd better go on a search ....

Thanks again!

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