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In Topic: Totally Confused

08 February 2004 - 08:28 AM

I have to admit I'm still totally confused. Sometimes I think I just picked Celiac disease because it was there. Allergies run in my family, and my son does not have any of the classic symptoms ( then again, there's asymptomatic... ).

Only my son has been on the diet. My husband tried it for a couple of weeks, and found improvement, but discovered that he was also eating less, and eating out less which contributed more to the lessening of his acid reflux disease. He's back to eating a regular diet, and only has problems when he eats too much. The doctors were adamant that he did not have celiac disease. Myself and my 7 year old daughter seem to be doing fine on a regular diet (she craves carbohydrates even more than I do, but doesn't seem to be having any adverse reactions).

My son has been on a "normal" diet for about a month now. The first week he complained of tummy aches (which surprised me because he NEVER complained about anything before, even raging ear infections). We decided that since the tummy aches stopped it had probably been due to his radical change in diet (I'd have a tummy ache too if I was trying donuts and pizza for the first time). About 2 weeks into this he got diarrhea and a fever for 24 hours, but stomach flu was going around. Now he seems totally fine and has been off the diet for a month. He seems to naturally avoid bread products although he eats them, but he's always been that way. At 18 mos he ate an entire package of hotdogs and an entire cantelope in one sitting. He's always preferred fruit and protein - we called him monkey boy. :rolleyes: Now he eats more balance meals, but still loves fruit. On Tuesday, he goes to see his new pediatician for his 5 year well check. I've been told to go ahead and make an appointement to see a gastro-interologist, but haven't had a chance yet.

Several family members have shown signs of wheat allergies as children and have apparently outgrown them. I just don't know enough about the differences between celiac disease and food allergies/intolerances to say if he's classic or asymptomatic or what. Most of the testing seems so severe, but maybe the genetic test is not?

I want to thank all of you who have responded! I checked back once and didn't see more than the one reply, so thank you to the person who sent me an e-mail letting me know that more of you had responded. I will definitely keep everyone posted, and if anyone has any ideas where I should go next I would like to hear them. Thanks again!

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