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In Topic: gluten-free In The Poconos

17 June 2013 - 09:10 AM

Thanks so much for your reply!  I just looked up the cafe you mentioned -- it says it's over 40 minutes away from where we will be!  I didn't realize the Poconos area was that large.  (Excuse my ignorance).  We're going to be in Dingmans Ferry, which I understand is a very small, desolate town.  Any chance you might know of anything closer to that area?  It's near Milford, PA.


I'm really looking forward to our vacation. I'm glad you have so much positive things to say about the area.  :)

awwh - it's so pretty up there :)  i used to live right at the bottom of high point mountain in nj, i could throw a rock over the ny state line and the pa state line lolz - there is a nice (used to be free) beach in milford that i used to take my kids to back in the day.  they had a nice picnic area and everything.  we used to go tubing - i believe they still offer that in matamoras where they drop you off and you float back to where your car is.  also, canoeing is so fun if that's something you like.   i will be going up there next month to nj (sparta and oak ridge) to stay with my 'homies' :)  but usually take a ride up through there just for giggles.


anyways, you are in luck!  google mama's baci cafe in hackettstown - the food is FABULOUS the people are awesome and all their servers/cooks, etc are trained and certified (they take a course at the hackettstown hospital)  they have probably the biggest gluten free menu i have ever seen in that area and they can also accommodate other allergies like dairy i'm pretty sure.  when i go up there (or when anyone visits me down here) a visit to mama's is a must!!  their cheesesteaks are primo, and they also sell jars of sauce, pasta, etc if you wanted a lazy night dinner out of a jar.  and they also have pizza   :)

In Topic: For Those With Constipated Kids-How Long To See Improvement?

25 January 2013 - 05:51 PM

Our GI, a celiac expert, said constipation takes the longest to go away on a gluten-free diet, up to 6 mos at least. It's been 5 mos for us and whenever I try to decrease my daughter's Miralax, her constipation returns. Our GI also said that her constipation could be unrelated to her celiac. Not very encouraging for us. But wanted you not to worry if you haven't seen any changes in that department after 8 days.

In Topic: Bathroom Question (Maybe Tmi)

17 December 2012 - 04:21 PM

Do you mind me asking which doctor you take your children to? I've tried 3 pediatric GI's in the LA area and haven't found anyone who seems particularly knowledgable about celiac. As a result I've been taking my daughter to see a pediatric celiac expert in San Diego but would obviously love to find someone closer.

As to the original post, I'm constantly worrying about my child's poop too. For awhile her poop was very pale and I had read that it was a bad sign but her GI always responds that color doesn't matter. Not sure how much I buy it.

I see Dr. Harmon, GI/Celiac researcher and Nancee Jaffe, Registered Dietician at UCLA's Celiac Center. Poop shouldn't float. It floats due to malabsorption of fats. It is important to absorb fats. As the gut heals, usually fat malabsorption subsides and poop will start sinking :).

(One of my twin's poops floated. We are at 9 months gluten free and her poop now sinks. Other than going gluten-free, we didn't do anything--she just healed on her own.)

I have Celiac and my poop floats. I have been advised to take an ADEK to help with fat absorption. A REALLY good dietician will be helpful.

In the meantime, please tell your husband I never tested positive on my TTG but had a positive Celiac biopsy (and did a colonoscopy at the same time with a whopper: they removed a Sessile Serated Adenoma...probably saved my life). There is likely some reason his poop is floating. A great GI will dig deeper, so to speak.

In Topic: Four Year Old Positive Blood Test - Awaiting Biopsy

11 December 2012 - 04:05 PM

That's very interesting about the vaccine. But requiring a formal diagnosis would keep people like my daughter from getting it. She's not yet 3 and her bloodwork came back positive. Her biopsy was negative. A celiac expert in San Diego told us that 2/3 of kids with positive blood work will develop celiac within 2 years if they keep eating gluten. She recommended we get my daughter on a strict gluten-free diet if we wanted to play it safe. So we did. I'd hope that a vaccine would still be available to those whose biopsies are negative but have had positive antibodies to gluten... In any event, how wonderful it would be if they could find an effective vaccine. An absolute dream come true!!

In Topic: Looking For Ideas For A Preschool Holiday Potluck

10 December 2012 - 11:20 AM

Thank you all for the great ideas! Really appreciate it.

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