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Member Since 01 Jul 2012
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Topics I've Started

Can Someone Explain The Iodine Thing?

05 July 2012 - 04:32 AM

I have DH and it is controlled with a gluten-free diet. It isn't always completely gone but that is probably because I get trace amounts of gluten. But it is definitely tolerable when I am gluten-free. I am just wondering what the link to iodine is and what I need to look for if I am avoiding it. Obviously iodized salt, but what else? Do all people that suffer with DH have a sensitivity to iodine?

Pregnant And Worried

01 July 2012 - 04:21 AM

I am so glad I came across this website. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I have never been officially diagnosed with celiac mainly because I don't have must faith in the medical community when it comes to food allergies and because I never really thought I had "celiac" until this pregnancy. I self diagnosed with obvious DH (skin rash), lethargy, fogginess, and severe mucus response with sore throat, headache, etc. I have been gluten-free (I say that mildly because I tend to cheat and pay for it) for a year and a half.
This is my second pregnancy. I first started noticing symptoms after the birth of my first daughter while fighting candida. I had thrush for months and had to completely change my diet. It was during this time that I realized my real problem was gluten.
Now that I am pregnant again, it seems as though I can't tolerate even the slightest bit of gluten. I have been more careful than usual because I have become very sick during this pregnancy due to eating it. I am on the right track now and committed to the lifestyle but I am still very worried about the baby. Could I have done irreversible harm? Is the baby not getting the nutrients it should be? Wondering if I should see some sort of specialist. I am taking a prenantal but haven't been consistent. Any advice would be appreciated.

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