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Member Since 07 Jul 2012
Offline Last Active Jul 18 2012 10:00 AM

#811106 Help! What Am I Doing Wrong?

Posted by on 14 July 2012 - 08:07 PM

It takes time for your body to heal and cross contamination is a VERY big deal I have learned.
Your intestines are trying so hard to heal and even the smallest crumb will trigger a reaction.
I avoided Dairy for a long time to help the healing process too. Dairy if hard for your damaged villi to digest, especially if your guts are very damaged.
You are probably detoxing from the wheat too.
You are early in the process and packing a lunch is a good thing to do. Restaurants are dangerous places for us Celiacs and they don't understand how militant we have to be to keep it away.
I have found strong peppermint tea to be helpful. Peppermint oil pills from the healthfood store can help with some of the 'hot belly' I would get.
Keep your diet simple for a while and keep track of what bothers you and what doesn't. You may discover a certain thing that triggers that makes no sense.
I cannot have any citrus fruits at all. NOT ONE SIP! or 5/6 days of terrible gut pain.
It's tricky trying to heal something you use every day. You can't tell your intestines to go on best rest, it is a useful part of your body that has to heal and work at the same time.

hang in there... We have all gone through this too.
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#809564 A Relative Is Diagnosed Celiac- Won't Go Gluten-Free

Posted by on 08 July 2012 - 01:39 PM

Maybe invite her over for a delicious gluten-free meal? Maybe once she sees that gluten-free can be just as tasty as gluten foods she'll give it a whirl. If you could just get her to go gluten-free for a week or two I bet she'd start feeling so much better she'd be GLAD to go gluten-free.

I just shared a piece of gluten-free chocolate cake with her. It was a great recipe. So glad to see that she liked it. Just wanting her to know it can be done.

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#809562 A Relative Is Diagnosed Celiac- Won't Go Gluten-Free

Posted by on 08 July 2012 - 01:31 PM

Thanks everyone for the thoughts. It's great to have a place where I can air out my frustrations. Having a safe community to talk too is priceless.

Thanks Everyone. I will try and convince Peggy to join up and get educated.

Praying for her to get informed.

Thanks to my new friends.

~ Leah
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