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Member Since 07 Jul 2012
Offline Last Active Jul 18 2012 10:00 AM

Topics I've Started

Bioplasma Cell Salts

17 July 2012 - 07:05 AM

We have been having a heatwave in Michigan- no rain and over 90 degrees for 2 months.
I have been struggling getting my guts back in a harmonious balance, during my female cycle it always makes my guts a mess, no matter what I eat. Sometimes when it's in a bad cycle it wants to stay there.
On my regime, lots of peppermint tea. Good vitamins that I can take, lots of fiber and tons of water.
Started taking Bioplasma again , had forgotten about cell salts.
Within a few hours of taking the Bioplasma it helped me with the weakness and the headache from the days of D.
Just sharing. :)
I gave it to my kid and my hubby, since we are sweating so much because of the heat wave it works better than Gatorade which is a lot of sugar and food dye.

Bioplasma cell salts... who knew

Mineral Deficient

14 July 2012 - 04:03 PM

Had a rough patch and really struggling to keep eating when my guts are killing me. 5 days of D and now slightly afraid to eat. All my safe foods are bothering my delicate system.
My legs are crampy at night and now the extreme headaches have started up.
I started taking Magnesium and Calcium and it's slowly helping. I am starting to think I need to head back to the doctor. Worried about anemia and mineral deficiencies. Most multiple vitamins make me sick and really hurt once they are slightly digested. So tired of the IBS label that explains nothing.
The sublinguals cost so much that I opt out of them too often because the cost of my groceries is so high, my budget is toast.
I know that I just need to be patient but being able to share my issues somewhere does make me feel better.

Now to find the energy to cook something...

A Relative Is Diagnosed Celiac- Won't Go Gluten-Free

07 July 2012 - 06:29 PM

A close relative I will call Peggy, was diagnosed a few years ago with Celiac Disease. Before I was actually. None of my family knew anything about the disease.
Now several members of my are diagnosed and living gluten free but Peggy refuses to go gluten free cause she doesn't thin it will help. Her body is in pain all the time and her Kidneys are failing and growing horrible stones and now she is vomiting undigested food. I am so worried about her.
Just the other day I begged her to try and go gluten free so her body could heal. She said she would and then two days later she was eating a foot-long sub.
I love Peggy and want her to feel better. Not sure how else to tell her that her choices could be killing her. She moved away from the doctor from the original diagnosis so she has no one besides the family members telling her to be careful.
So frustrated and scared.

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