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In Topic: What Is The Severity Of Your Reaction To Gluten?

10 July 2012 - 02:55 PM

I'll have been gluten free for a year in Septemeber. When I have gluten my reaction occurs within 10 minutes of eating the stuff and I'm in severe pain for at least 3 days. I'm crabby and irritable because of how uncomfortable I am. I wish I could just take a nap and escape the discomfort for a few hours but the pain is so intense that it makes it nearly impossible to fall asleep no matter how tired I am...
I only eat certified gluten free food that's made in a dedicated gluten-free facility so I have no idea how I am with cross contamination, but with every other aspect of ingesting gluten I am super sensitive. I am hoping that with time my reaction wont be so bad, but I have heard mixed experiences where the pain subsides for some or stays just the same for others......

My symptoms increased in severity for 5 year until my boyfriend forced me into a gluten-free diet, which was the catalyst for my diagnosis. After only one day into a gluten free diet I had completely stopped vomiting, which was mind blowing. Now 2 years into being gluten free I rarely get "glutenized" but when I do the result is devastating. The last time I checked my reaction (a year ago) I ate half a frosted mini-wheat and within 9 mins I was down n out. First I start to get uncomfortable, my stomach becomes distended and I become unable to go to the bathroom. Its as if my entire digestive tract shuts down. I become very awkward about bending my abdomen or anyone coming into contact with it. Then vomiting which persists long after my stomach is empty. Accompanied by on and off again cramping and pain in my trunk region. After a night of drinking tainted margaritas in Hawaii last year I spent 8 hrs in the hotel shower vomiting, crying and passing out. I was sick for around 18 hrs and lost 2 days of vacation. I have not gotten sick from hidden gluten for 6 months!

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