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In Topic: Soy?

22 October 2012 - 06:21 AM

Well, its currently 3 am where i'm at and i can't sleep at all. I feel like, in whatever position i lay, i'm goin to fall, my limbs feel fatigued, as do my eyes. My allergies are going as well, so thats not helping any.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

The night before last i had to stay up and only get like 2 hours of sleep due to homework -_- but last night i got about 9 and then earlier today i got a small 2 hour nap in.

The only thing different that i have done was take the maximum of my cranberry pills, and the only main problemish thing with them is that they contain soy. OH... and i've still got "C". -_-

I'm so bloody tired that i can't sleep, i've somehow rubbed my tounge on the side of my retainer and its sorta sore (happens every so often).

I also sleep with a wedge pillow to keep my GERD from acting up at night.

Here is what i ate:

rice chex (and two cranberry pills)

peanut butter and honey on corn tortilla (haven't had in a while but sounded good along with two more pills)

chicken, carrot, and rice soup (and the final two pills).

I followed the instructions to a "T" with them, so yeah i don't know.

I'm really tired atm, so i appologize for any errors.

When I was first not aware of my soy allergy, the cranberry pills made me sick. Most cranberry pills contain soy. Avoid them if they don't say soy free. Also, Rice Chex may be gluten free, but their not soy free. Rice Chex have vitamins which most certainly contain soy. Honey, unless it is locally sources is from China... soy again. Your peanut butter is a legume which you should also be avoiding, but some peanut butters contain soy also (hydrogenated vegetable oils). Hope this helps, but basically you ate soy all day that's why you're sick.

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